5 Things I Wish I Could Tell My High School Self
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Student Life

5 Things I Wish I Could Tell My High School Self

Advice from you higher self

5 Things I Wish I Could Tell My High School Self

1. Know Yourself...and know that your DOPE!

Personally I had know idea who I was in high school. My sense of keen conscious awareness that I currently posses must have been stuck under a bunch of old jackets, school supplies, and other random personal articles in the lost and found at the front office of my life during those days. I remember being a lot smaller in physical stature during my freshman year of High School and with that came the occasional bullying by those who felt it necessary to prove their self worth by undermining mine...water under the bridge though, you dealt with your problems the best way you knew how too :) The bullying and being picked on did have an affect on me though. I remember attempting to reason with myself as to why someone would say or do something so mean-my analysis lead me to the conclusion that it HAD to be something wrong with me. I reasoned, "no one in their right mind would be mean to another person unless that other person deserved it." WRONG! People deal with jealousy, pain, and resentment in their own way, and when they can't find the beauty in themselves or their lives, they think it's unfair that anyone or anything else is beautiful. To counteract this unfair feeling that has surfaced within the depths of their being, they seek to tear down anything in the world that is accepted as beautiful. As the sayings go... "misery loves and company" and "if I can't have it no one can" hold true in this example. Looking back I was an Honor Roll student while taking AP and IB courses, I was popular, and I was an athlete...almost forgot I was a cutie too! But because of a few words by a few people I forgot all the cool things about myself, which led to sadness and self consciousness. So to my high-school self, never forget you're Awesome, and always remember to focus on the beautiful things so that may grow!

2. Create a better bond with your parents-

Often times in High School we find our raging hormones raging in such a way that we tend to rebel against any authority figure who even attempts to control us, a simple "dinners ready" may be met with a scornful glare accompanied with the thought, "who does she think she is telling me that dinner is ready!?!? I'll come when I want to!...Maybe I'm not even hungry!...HMPH!" I remember being mad at the world for no apparent reason during my teenage years and my parents got back backlash of most of that internal discomfort I was experiencing. To my high-school self, never forget that your parents love you more than anyone possibly will ever love you and your time with those you love during this lifetime is far to short. Each moment with your family and friends should be cherished because you can never go back and make up for any time you lost.

3. Travel More-

I had been fortunate to travel around the United States as well as the Caribbean and neighboring islands during high-school but to my high-school self I would say travel abroad! There are so many benefits from traveling abroad during your pre-college years and immersing yourself in other cultures will only make you more worldly and refined. Traveling abroad will really help you figure out what it is you really want to do with your life and your career!

4. Be Fearless-

Perhaps my favorite one. To my high school self, BE FEARLESS. Every opportunity you have to do something that feels right within you, do it! Every chance you get to be daring, take it! Every moment you find yourself in the limelight, seize it! No one has this whole "life thing" figured out and success is defined not by the outside world but by how you feel about you when the day is over. Reach higher and know that if you ever fall you will always find the strength to rise to the occasion every time.

5. Do More Community Service-

It's good to help others and the benefits are amazing. To my high school self, your charisma is amazing. You have the ability to brighten up someone's day just by being in their presence and being yourself. DO NOT be afraid to let you light shine, because as you let you light shine you are giving others permission to shine as well. Giving is one way that you can let that light shine.

In closing high school self, I want you to know that you are a really awesome young man. Never for one moment doubt yourself or your abilities. Take chances, live outside your comfort zone, tell your mom you love her more, eat as healthy as you can, and please be nice to your girlfriends-jerks aren't cool. Anyways, I love you and one day you will totally understand everything in this letter and you'll be happy you read it. Until next time. Peace and Love!

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