If you are anything like me, you overthink. Overthinking can actually ruin everything. Sometimes it can be about thinks worth thinking over about, but overthinking is a totally different thing. I, for one, know that over thinking can ruin friendships and relationships.

One thing that I noticed is that anxiety can cause overthinking. I tend to be an anxious person and that has always led to me overthinking. You have seen the memes, the tweets, the posts, ect. about late night thoughts. As funny as these are, they are unfortunately true. I have laid in bed for hours and while laying in bed I will think about everything and anything I can. My mind seems to be running at a million miles a minute. If you do this, you know what I'm saying when I say that I can't stand late night thoughts. Honestly, overthinking can take over a person. You lose concentration in class, you stay up later than you should, you zone out while talking to someone, you can blankly stare at nothing for hours on end.

Now that I know you can relate to what overthinking does, here are some tips to help.

1. Look up breathing tips online

There are plenty of online sources such as http://imonthebubble.tumblr.com/post/131226856202/take-a-minute-breathe

2. Remember that you aren't alone

There are plenty of people who overthink, In fact, almost everyone does it. A lot of people also have anxiety. You have tons of people you can talk to.

3. Listen to music

For this one, I can't exactly give you a playlist of songs I like. Everyone has different music tastes and you have to find music that suits you. Also, you can lookup different artists and songs you like and create your own playlist.

4. Eat comfort food

This always helps me. Eating can be comforting, as weird as that sounds. People use the phrase 'comfort food' for a reason. I tend to eat candy or cookies and drink some coffee. I know that isn't for anyone. Perhaps smoothies or healthier foods is more for you. Eat what you love and IGNORE the calories.

5. Talk to someone

Every time I hear this I think that someone means a professional. That isn't what I mean, I mean talk to friends, family, anyone to be honest. If you do that, you can get out what is on your mind. Having someone to call or text is always a great thing. Great friends will always drop what they are doing to talk to you.

These are my top 5 outlets to get past overthinking and to calm myself. You aren't alone and if you need anything, you can contact me on twitter @liviehickey.