5 Things To Expect From 'Fuller House'
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5 Things To Expect From 'Fuller House'

"Whatever happened to predictability? The milkman, the paperboy or even MTV?"

5 Things To Expect From 'Fuller House'

Our prayers have been answered! On Friday, Netflix released all thirteen episodes of the new Netflix original series,Fuller House,” a follow-up to everyone's favorite nostalgic show,Full House,” which ran from 1987 to 1995. We all rememberFull House.” It was full of life lessons, cutesy romance and all the trials and tribulations of a crazy but tight-knit family. However, despite all the cheesiness, we've probably all watched every episode ofFull House.The household was led by father Danny Tanner, trying to keep everything together after his wife died, in order to raise his three daughters, D.J., Stephanie and Michelle. With the help of his best friends, Jesse and Joey, he raised the kids in a wholesome household.

Viewers quickly came to love the show and its wacky characters.Fuller Housetakes place 29 years later, and Danny's children are all grown up. The show lays the nostalgia on thick. The first episode features all the old cast, but for the most part, the show focuses on D.J. Fuller, whose husband just passed away and who has three sons (sound familiar?) When it becomes clear that she is struggling with all the perils that come with being a single mother, Stephanie, now a famous DJ (who ironically calls herself DJ Tanner) and her best friend, the wacky but lovable Kimmy Gibbler, (now a famous party planner with a child of her own) move into the old Tanner house with her to help her raise her children, Max, Jackson and Tommy Fuller. (Hence the name of the show) Here's what one could expect to see if they watch "Fuller House:"

1. The old theme song, reinvented

Sure, it's sung by Carly Ray Jepsen, so it's a little more poppy and slightly Disney Channel-ish, but it brings back all the feels by showing the old pictures from "Full House" side by side with the new. Overall, it's pretty cool.

2. All the old catchphrases are used

You probably remember all the funny and cheesy catchphrases used in "Full House." Almost every character had one. For Uncle Joey it was:

For Stephanie:

Michelle, played by the Olsen twins, is not in "Fuller House," and in the show is said to be off in New York building her fashion empire. But she still gets a tribute to her old catchphrase in the form of a phone call from Kimmy, D.J. and Stephanie:

3. Uncle Jesse, played by John Stamos, is still a heartthrob:

Does the man never age?

4. The nostalgia is real:

In an episode of "Full House," Michelle will not stop crying so Danny, Jesse and Joey sing the "Flintstones" theme song to calm her down. In the first episode of "Fuller House," the same thing happens with baby Tommy, and the two scenes were shown side by side on the screen. It was very cute and brought back fond memories of "Full House."

5. Watching "Fuller House" feels like being reunited with family again:

Just seeing the old gang together will bring a smile to your face. No matter how cheesy it will get at times, watching "Fuller House" feels like coming home after a long time away. You will pick up right where you left off.

All episodes of season one are now airing on Netflix!

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