5 Things To Ask For This Christmas

I feel like there are so many lists on the internet about what to get your mom, friend, dad, dog, goldfish, whatever for Christmas, but what about you? I find it hard to get myself to ask for anything for Christmas, but these are 7 guilt-free, inexpensive, beneficial gifts to treat yourself to this holiday season! In the spirit of New Year's as well, all of these are some form of self-care or self-improvement, whatever that means to you. Disclaimer: Nothing in this post is sponsored. All of these are my own opinions.

1. Care Of Subscription.


It can be difficult to figure out what vitamins you need in your day-to-day life and the vitamin isle can be a bit scary. Care of allows you to take a quiz, figure out what vitamins you need, and sends them right to your door in a little package every month. Ask your doctor if you're worried about anything, but I think this is such an easy way to feel better! Shop them here.

2. Gym Class Package.


Gym memberships can be super expensive and sometimes it's not worth it to buy one if you want to just try out a class or see if you will stick to it. A lot of gyms and gym programs like SoulCycle do packages that include a certain amount of rides. Look for your local spots, see what they offer, and get your gym grind on!

3. Hello Fresh Subscription.


Hello Fresh is amazing. It allows me to expand my food horizons as well as my cooking skills. You will always have super easy but super great meals to cook every week! Ask for a gift subscription and whip it up in that kitchen, girl! Shop it here.

4. Alex And Ani Jewelry.


This one is a bit odd, but for me, I love wearing things that mean something to me. I love having reminders to be grateful and that I am strong on my wrist. It's just a nice little mental thing for me. If you're that way too, Alex And Ani are the best when it comes to mantras, symbols, and other deeper meaning charms, while still being chic and beautiful. Shop them here.

5. A Box Set of Teas or Coffee.


I am a big hot drink person in the winter. Hot teas and hot coffee all day every day. There are a ton of different tea flavors that have beneficial properties, such as better sleep or energy, that are perfect for a moment to yourself during the day to just sit and enjoy it. Coffee is just a given. People who don't drink coffee every day scare me. Get a variety pack or subscription box to keep things interesting and maybe find your new favorite part of your daily routine!

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