When you work at a daycare, you tend to talk about certain things with your co-workers. Being at work for 8 hours a day and fifty hours a week, your co-workers tend to become your friends even if you don't see them outside of work. Your co-workers are there when you are having a bad day or a good day because a majority of the time they see you more than anyone else. This is just like how you see the children more than their parents do. So when you work at a daycare, you and your co-workers are probably going to talk about the children's parents. Whether these talks are good or bad, we still do it because, basically, we have to parent.

When you work at a daycare, here are 5 things you and your co-workers may talk about between the parents and the child.

1. That's all he has to eat?

When it's lunchtime and we take out what the parents packed for their child's lunch, sometimes all we see is junk food.

2. Is she really wearing shorts out in 50-degree weather, what was her mom thinking?

When it's still the winter season, it's still cold. Yet the mom sends her daughter out in shorts with a sweatshirt in January? Uhm, no ma'mm.

3. "His mom always throws his crafts in the trashcan, right in front of him."

When a kid's mom gets all the stuff out of his cubby and literally throws all the things that he made in the trash can right in front of him, of course, he is going to get upset and cry. What were you thinking?

4. Parent: "How was your day today, Princess?"

Child: "It was awesome, daddy!"

*Parent and Child Leaves. Coworker turns to another coworker:

"What Princess was he talking about?"

Sometimes a child is horribly behaved and the parent is delusional and thinks the child is so wonderful. Obviously no parenting there.

5. He's sick, yet the parent won't pick him up

Sometimes, you have to call the parent to tell them that their child is sick and the parent's response is that they can't leave work and that their child will be fine. even if they have a 102-degree temperature.

I'm sorry parents, but we are judging your parenting skills/styles when you drop off your child. I mean that's our job, to make sure the child is safe. And when we see things that we don't think should be happening, we will talk about them. I mean, we have nothing else better to do when all we do is take care of your children all day while you are at work. We kinda have to be the parents. And when we are the parents, we are going to judge how you're parenting whether it's better or not. If you do one thing wrong, we will scold you. We will look at you differently. We don't care about what you're going through, or your life, all we care about is the child that we have to take care of. And if we see your child acting up because you give in all the time or when we see your child is having speech problems, or we see that your child is a poor sport, we are going to parent for you. #sorrynotsorry