Girls are interesting creatures. We are so dynamic that it's hard to pin us down. One second, we are super kind, then the next we are stabbing each other's back. There is so much that goes on within girl's relationships, but one main thing is that girls will help each other out in certain situations, even if you guys are enemies. And these are those situations:

1. Girls will ALWAYS share tampons and pads.

I don't care who you are...I will give you all the tampons I have if you ask me. All girls know how hard it is to be without feminine products, especially in public.

2. We will listen to any girl complain about a boy who hurt them.

I may not like you very much, but girl, he is a jerk, and even you deserve better. Don't ever let a man make you feel bad. I would say that to the girls I love and to the girls I hate because while we may not connect, it doesn't mean you aren't a QUEEN.

3. If they are sitting alone, you will go sit with them.

Especially if they are in a crowded room because no girl should be alone in a crowd. It's so easy for bad things to happen to women when left alone. If you see a guy giving her unwanted attention you break that ish up, even if it's to start with her. You may not like her, but girls got each other's back.

4. Comfort them when crying.

When girls see other girls crying, even if you don't like them you can't help but be nicer to them. We all are very empathetic and we know she's not crying over nothing, but even if she is, girls are still there to comfort each other. Always.

5. Girls will rally around each other, no matter what.

If a girl is being attacked by anyone, you bet your ass we will be there to DEFEND them because girls stand by each other. We all deserve equality and girls will RALLY around each other. I may not like you but damn, girl you are RIGHT and you need to know I think you are right.

Honestly, I'm not sure I dislike or hate anyone. I don't think I have it in me, but I know girls will always come to each other's aid, and that's something to be proud of. I may not hate anyone, but even if you annoy the shit outta me, I'd still give you a tampon if you are on your period or a tissue if some guy broke your heart. Girls stick together. Girl power is the strongest force on this earth. Don't mess with us.