5 Things Any Cowgirl Would Rather Hear Than "You're Sexy"
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5 Things Any Cowgirl Would Rather Hear Than "You're Sexy"

"You ride nice horses."

5 Things Any Cowgirl Would Rather Hear Than "You're Sexy"
Dalle Rutledge

There are certain things in this world that mean more than others. One of the most cliche compliments in the world is "You're Sexy."

Really? Millions of words in the English language, and the best thing your brain could come up with is "sexy"? But whatever, half the time we will take any compliment we get in good taste.

When you are a female hand though, there are so many more things you would like commented on than your looks. These things you've put work into and they just mean that much more. Plus, what's not to love about someone taking the time to notice something other than your looks?!

1. "You ride nice horses."

This is a special kind of compliment especially if its from somebody else in your line of work. It will always mean that much more if you make that horse yourself.

2. Your dog works well.

I realize that not everyone works dogs, but for those of us that do this is such a big accomplishment. Dogs can be a pain in the butt to train to work and take a lot of time. To hear that your effort is paying off especially to a trained eye is exhilarating.

3. "You have soft hands."

Though your hands are actually probably very hard and calloused physically, it's in the way you use them. This is a blessing to any equestrian. The best are light with their hands and able to get what they want with a whisper.

4. "That loop was beautiful."

Yeah, we know our way around a rope, but its equally as thrilling to see that someone else has noticed as well.

5. "That girl is a hand."

You can tell me day in and day out that you think I'm handy and I'll take it every time. But if someone asks you about me and you say "That girl is a hand." Well, that 's the biggest compliment of all.

Sure, you telling us we're beautiful is going to mean the world. We'll take it with a blush and a smile. But goodness, be unique. Have a brain, use your God-given English vocabulary. An observant man with a flavorful vocabulary who puts thought into what he says, now that is "sexy."

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