5 Things You Will Miss After Leaving Your Hometown

Growing through your teen years you always ask yourself why your parents decided to raise you in such a boring place and count down the days until you can leave. Anywhere sounds better than the town you have been stuck in your entire life. What you fail to realize is all of the little things you took for granted in the place you call home.

1. The Friendly Honks

When you come from a small town where everyone knows everyone, it’s hard to drive through town without seeing someone you know. Someone is always throwing a friendly honk your way whether it’s your best friend’s mom or your own mom! Sneaking out in high school was nearly impossible because everyone knew what your car looked like and what time your curfew was. Once you leave your hometown nobody honks at you out of the kindness of their heart anymore. They honk at you because you forgot to use your blinker and they are running late to work. You never thought you would miss something as small a random honk from a neighbor, but it’s the little things like this that make your hometown special.

2. Knowing the Town Like the Back of Your Hand

The streets of your hometown are something that you never forget and will forever be engrained in your memory and in your heart. You know all the shortcuts to avoid that one annoying stop light, the fastest route from your house to school, and where the cops hide out waiting to catch you speeding through town. You grew up riding your bike up and down these streets with the kids in your neighborhood every summer. These were the streets that you first learned to drive on with your dad watching your every move from the passenger seat. You don't have to look at the speed limit signs because you already know how fast you can get away with going. These streets used to bore you but once you return to your hometown after leaving, these streets offer you a sense of comfort and nostalgia that you just can't find anywhere else.

3. Being Recognized by the Locals

In your hometown, all of the ladies at the bank know you as a friendly face and the waiter at your favorite restaurant in town already knows your order. You can’t make a trip to your local grocery store without bumping into an old teacher or classmate. Once you leave your hometown, no one recognizes you as a friendly face or asks how your family is doing. When you venture into a new town where no one knows you and it makes you realize how big the world really is and how small you actually are. Growing up you can’t wait to leave this place behind you and meet an abundance of new people. What you fail to realize until you actually leave your hometown is how much you will miss the friendly waves and small conversations.

4. Knowing Where to Find the Best Deals in Town

Of course, you know the gas station that has the best fountain sodas, the biggest selection of candy, and cheapest gas in your hometown. You also know where you can get away with getting served alcohol without being carded. The pizza place that has the best specials and cheapest delivery rate is one of your favorites. You know which fast food places are open 24/7 and which one has the fastest drive-thru. After moving away, you realize that you have to rediscover these little tips and tricks of your new town. Upon returning to your hometown, you instantly remember all your favorite stops with the best deals and the nicest workers.

5. The Memories You Left Behind

You can take yourself out of your hometown, but you can’t take your hometown out of you. The place you grew up contains all your childhood memories, the good and the bad. You can’t pass through your hometown without thinking of all of the memories you made in this little town. Chances are it is where you learned to ride a bike, met your best friends, had your first kiss, and many other firsts that you can’t replace. Your hometown shaped you into who you are today and taught you lessons that you will never forget. In the words of Florida Georgia Line “Kinda place you can’t wait to leave but nobody does, ‘cause you miss it too much.”

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