5 Things Accomplished This Past Semester
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5 Things Accomplished This Past Semester

Five awesome things I experience in my first semester of my sophomore year of college.

5 Things Accomplished This Past Semester
Morgan Casto

As I sit at home on my couch, in the middle of winter break, I FINALLY have time to write for the Odyssey again! The end of the semester was so busy that I had trouble finding time to write a quality article. But know that the fall semester is over and I am preparing for the next, I feel like it's fitting that I reflect on the past semester and take a look back at all the things I accomplished.

1. Orientation Team

At the very beginning of the semester, I got to help move the next class of Bearcats into college. I got to help guide their first steps as college students and welcome them to what hopefully becomes their second home, because I know SVC is my second home. Being a member of Orientation also gave me the chance interact with people I would not have otherwise. Orientation also brought me closer to the friends that I had already. Moving in early, there's only so many people on campus to hang out with. I would say there are two or three people in particular that I'm much closer with after being on Orientation together.

2. Service Trip

At SVC, Campus Ministry offers service trips over breaks and at other points of the year. In particular, this past Fall Break they offered a trip to New Jersey to work with an organization that was helping victims still recovering from Superstorm Sandy that had struck five years ago. As someone who has always wanted to do service, I signed up, and had an amazing time. I spent three days in New Jersey helping out at a house being rebuilt for a family. I may have only been painting and doing yard work, but I still felt like I was making a difference and helping this family get one step closer to being back in their home. Not only did I work everyday, I got have fun and do things like go to a food truck festival and head to the beach. I'm so grateful for that unforgettable experience of getting to help a family in need.

3. The Company

Ah, once again, a semester spent with The Company, is a semester well spent. I, along with my fellow castmates, got to put on the musical, "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying." It was a very interesting production and I was glad to have done it with some of my closest friends (@ the Danger Noodles). This group is honestly my second family, and I love them all to pieces. And most them, I get the pleasure doing The Players production of "Beauty and the Beast" after break. And boy, I'm excited for it.

4. Barn and Classy Dances

I feel like only in Western PA do college student square dance in barns for fun. What made my first barn dance better was that since it was sponsored by Pitt, my best friend from home was there. Nothing beats running across this yard to hug her. Spending the night and trying to square dance with her was an unforgettable time. But back at SVC, we do our own Classy Dance. A night full a swing, square, and other types of dancing with my closest friends. There's nothing like having blast while dancing with your best friends.

5. Fishing

For the first time in October, I went fishing with our new Fishing Club. After being taught how to fish by one of the monks, I was just chilling by the lake, and then someone said that I have something on my line. And what did you know, after reeling in my line, I had. I was the first catch of the day, and this was the first catch for me. A catch of a small catfish wasn't bad for my first time. I was pretty proud of myself, even though I honestly think it was beginners luck.

As I'm sure there's other awesome experiences I've had this semester, my memory fails to remind of others. But here's some of high lights of the first half of my sophomore year, and I can't wait for the rest of the year to start after break. Here's to 2018!

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