5 Things About Being A First Time Mom

5 Things About Being A First Time Mom

Moms are the real superheroes

When I was a little girl, my family was blessed enough to have my mom stay home to raise us. She took us to school, she was there when we came home. She took us to go to our friend's house or whatever activity we were in at the time. It wasn't until my brothers and I were in school that she went back to work. Luckily enough my mom got a job at the school so she would be at home by the time we were done for the day.

This summer I was blessed enough to have my first child, Riley. She has been the light of my life and to be honest I do not know what life was like before her. My husband has made it possible for me to stay at home with her. It is something I have always wanted. To see everything she does and be her biggest fan.

When I got pregnant with her I didn't anticipate all the hard work raising our little girl would entail. Being a first-time mom you think of all the great moments you will capture and day-dream about who she will look like and all the great things having a baby does to your life.


What I didn't realize is how I will never sleep fully again. Probably EVER. When you first bring your baby home it is rough. You are up every 3-4 hours feeding, burping, changing and rocking back to sleep. By the time you get the baby to bed and you lie back down the baby is up again. It is so hard to adjust to becoming a zombie but somehow you make it through. As your baby gets older like my daughter is 4 months, I got her sleeping through the night. It is wonderful, but I still wake up to check on her to make sure she's alive and well. I think once you become a Mom you a programmed to worry 24/7.


As best you can and for your own sanity try to find a routine. I started giving my daughter a bath every night around the same time. I think now she knows that once she gets her bath and nurses one more time it is time for bed. Even in the mornings, I have a little routine with her to help me get things done and help her get satisfied. It doesn't have to make sense to anyone but yourself.


I learned this the hard way. I was so emotional after having my daughter that I felt like I cried at everything. I cried at commercials to my dog sneezing it was just crazy. What I didn't do was communicate fully with my husband. There were times that I thought in my head he should just know what to do and when he didn't do it I would get so mad at him. I felt like he should read my mind. That is so unrealistic and unfair. The more I told him what I needed from him to do for me the more he did it. It was a magical thing.


Whether you have a vaginal birth or c-section take care of yourself. I had to have a c-section and the recovery time felt like it took forever. It was very painful and the stitches hurt very much. I was lucky enough that my husband helped me do everything from go to the bathroom to help me out of bed in the middle of the night to feed the baby. Do not feel like you have to be superwoman. Having a baby is so beautiful and you want to do everything for that baby but make sure you give your body enough healing time.


As hard as it is having a baby make sure you take time for your spouse still. Both of you are adjusting to having a baby in the house. You both are tired getting up to feed or change the baby and its hard on both of you. Make sure to tell him you love him every day. How thankful you are for his help. Make sure to just let him know how much you love him and are grateful for him. He will feel left out and won't know what to do unless you tell him and reassure him.

Being a first-time mom really puts things into perspective. You never understood what your mom would mean when she would say things like "You will always be my baby". It is true I am forever grateful to my mom who spent the majority of her life caring for us. The sacrifices she and my dad made, she stayed home every day to take care of us and the years she went without so we could. I know what she meant. I would give anything so my baby will be happy. I will do anything to see that happen. Being a first time mom or a mom in general is the most amazing thing in the world. Its the greatest gift. Just remember to remember all the little things and cherish them if you are blessed enough to stay home with your little one.

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Dad, Thank You For All The Fun And Laughs You Bring To Our Family

You are, and will always be, the first guy to love me for all that I am.

Age is just a number. I want you to know that. You may be middle age (double nickel specifically), but you are the funniest, wannabe hippest guy I know. There's a lot you have done for me and I want you to know what those things are.

You raised two daughters and lived with all women. It probably wasn't as bad when we were little but as soon as I got into middle school and the teenage years hit, I distinctly remember any time mom and I would get into a fight you would casually slip out of the room. You did your best when it came to dealing with our hormones and pointless, petty arguments.

You always find a way to put a smile on my face. I could be laying on the couch and you decide to make a funny comment or something to get my attention. You love getting a reaction out of all of us. Even when you are the only one laughing, it makes me happy. You may have really lame jokes, but what dad doesn't?

You are awkward but I absolutely love it.

I got it from you! Just like you and mom, I am always willing to start a conversation. But like you, it may be a completely random topic. Like the last you came up to school to visit me, you asked me, "So... are you failing any of your classes yet?" Now, you know I have never come close to failing a class, but you asked and it started a conversation and we didn't stop talking until I had to leave later that day. You may be awkward and not always know what to say, but you have your own way of saying it that makes it special to me.

You are the sole reason I am in love with professional sports.

You are the man that took me to my first NFL game. It was a preseason game because I was eight-years-old and mom thought it was inappropriate to take me to a regular season game (because of profanity). You taught me the rules and regulations of baseball and football. You sat on the couch with me watching baseball on TV. You also put up with me asking questions every two minutes when you would rather be listening to the commentary.

Who needs a son when you have a diehard sports fan that will talk baseball to you anytime! Because of you, I have the memory of getting my Instagram picture up on the jumbotron at Busch Stadium. Because of you, my dream job is work for the St. Louis Cardinals one day.

You support everything I do. When I was young, you and mom got me involved. You both signed me up for YMCA soccer and City softball. You both also signed me up for dance class and piano lessons. I continued with all three of those activities until one day, I realized I was not good at sports. However, I continued to dance in middle school in the theater department. I also took up singing.

By high school, I was a fine arts kid. Although sports were your forte, you supported me through it all. You and mom would be at all my concerts and theater productions. I still remember when my dance recital was over, mom would pick me up from backstage and you would be there with flowers and a big hug. Even when I'm in college, you get disappointed when you can't see a concert.

Even in college, you push me to follow my dreams. When I talk about auditioning for another show, you tell me to go for it! You continue to believe in me even when I don't believe in myself.

You are, and will always be the first guy to love me for all that I am. You've seen me disappointed, you've seen me excited, you've seen me heartbroken. I know that you will continue to love me no matter what I go through. I know it's hard for you to see your little girl grow up and date other people, but always know that I will always be your daughter and you will always be the first guy to ever love me.

What if someone told you 30 years ago that you would be married and have two daughters? You went from a family of all boys to your very own family of girls (including the dog). Would you believe it? When I ask, "Were you hoping for a boy?" and you always answer, "I just wanted you to be healthy." I know you want me to stay two-years-old forever and go to school at home, but you always seem to be proud and happy everytime I get home from school.

Age is just a number, but I love you, old man.

Cover Image Credit: Megan Pellock

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After 20 Years, I Realized My Parents Were Right All Along And Boy, Do I Owe Them An Apology

I should've listened to their advice all along

When you're a sassy, naive teenage girl, there's one thing you don't want to think about: your parents and their opinion on something. That something particularly having to do with anything involving you. After 20 years of life, I can finally look back on all the times my parents were actually right, and boy, do I owe them an apology for arguing against them.

They were right when they said start saving at a young age. I'd do basically anything to have hefty savings account to help with the expenses associated with college, and I probably could have done better if I would have listened to them. I wouldn't give up the experiences I spent my hard earned money on, but were those expensive trendy shoes really worth? No. Rent doesn't pay itself, groceries don't magically appear in the fridge, and most things in life come with a price; geez, I sound like my mother.

They're right when they tell you to never give up on two things; your dreams, and what you stand for. Without these, you wouldn't be yourself.

Not surprisingly enough, they were right when it came to spotting a fake friend. I swear, there's some kind of red flags that parents see before you can. I guess that's because they only want the best for you. Same goes for most relationships that begin in the stage where you don't want anything to do with your parents. They're probably right when they tell you the boy you like doesn't have good intentions, but you won't listen to them until it's too late.

Once again, they were even right when they taught you about the small things. Eat your vegetables, don't stay up late on a school night, always brush your teeth before bed. Oh, if I would have listened to their advice at the time.

Some of us may realize it later in life, but I can confidently say my parents have been right all along.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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