5 Texts From Mom That Instantly Cure All Your College Woes

College is hard. College is even harder when you're drowning in stress, despair, and horror stories. However, it seems like most days all you need is your mom and her loving words to get you through.

1. "I love you."

Feeling love goes to another universe when it comes from a mother and sometimes it is all you need to hear (or see in this case) to relax just a slight bit... only to return to your state of chronic sobbing and procrastination.

2. "I'm proud of you."

When you feel like you aren't getting anywhere in life, these four words can put a smile on your face like no other.

3. "This is the beginning of something wonderful."

Although just starting to build your future, there's nothing in this world that feels better than knowing it will all pay off and that in the end...

4. "It will all be worth it."

... College is an amazing experience. You know it, your mom knows it. Even your dog probably knows it! Moms just seem to have a psychic ability to tell the future and if she says everything will be okay eventually, you nearly have to believe her.

5. "You will always have me."

When we're younger, we do all that we can to rid ourselves of our moms for a while. However, as you grow older, you realized that your mom is (ultimately) your best friend. She always will be and she'll be with you forever.

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