5 Tattoos With Amazing Meanings

Any tattoo lover has heard it before: "Don't get a tattoo! You'll ruin your body. You will look back at it when you're my age and hate it."

Maybe you got lucky and had more supportive people in our life who only said, "Make sure it means something to you."

Here's a breakdown on some of the most important/meaningful tattoos a person could have:

1. Family names

Plenty of people receive tattoos that honor the ones they love most. This could come in many different versions. I have seen surnames (the family's last name), names of mothers, fathers, children, significant others and plenty more. People get these tattoos to show they are proud of their family, and I don't see any shame in that!

2. Fandom tattoos

Entertainment has been a huge part of life for a while now. People tend to come together through their fandoms. Whether you belong to the "Harry Potter," "Supernatural," "Pokémon," "The Walking Dead," "Doctor Who," "Avatar: The Last Airbender" or "Breaking Bad" fandom you all have something in common. That fandom brings you joy and you always want to be reminded of that.

I know I plan on getting an "honor" tattoo that reminds me of everything Zuko from "Avatar: The Last Airbender" taught me.

3. Stars

Star tattoos are actually quite popular. Someone could want star body ink because they like the design, but star tattoos have a far deeper meaning than that. They light the sky at night and act as a guide. There were plenty of stories of travelers following stars to their destination, literally and figuratively. The journey can be a physical one or a mental one, but either way, a star is an excellent guide.

4. Fairies

Ever wonder why Peter Pan's hot-headed sidekick was a fairy? It's because fairies represent the need to maintain the inner child, never wanting to grow up. Even though your body may grow, it could be comforting to have a fairy on your shoulder to remind you that it's okay to be a kid sometimes.

5. Koi fish

The koi fish represent strength and adversity. The koi fish's biggest concern is perseverance as it struggles to reach the top of a raging waterfall. Sounds a little bit like life, doesn't it?

Regardless of what tattoos you have or want, I think something everyone needs to remember is that tattoos are a method of self- expression and people are allowed to express themselves.

Happy tattoo-ing!

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