ways to end summer

I know parents get ready to go back to school, camp starts to end, kids go off to college, so the summer blues kick in. Does not mean there still is not time left to celebrate summer. Here are 5 fun and easy things to do for some last minute summer fun.

1. Host a barbecue


Having a barbecue with friends and family is super easy, yummy, and fun! Everyone usually brings a treat and just hanging out and enjoying quick and good food is a great way to wrap up summer.

2. Go get ice cream


You can get ice cream any day, but it is better to having in the hot summer days. Getting a yummy treat with friends and sitting with friends enjoying it is even better. So take a quick trip to your local ice cream shop.

3. Take a walk on the boardwalk


Not everyone has time to go to beach for long hours but the boardwalk is such a peaceful way to end the night on a beautiful summer evening.

4. Attend your local park


Going to the park is not just for kids. Walking through the park and embracing nature is an easy and relaxing way to wrap up summer. And on to my next point...

5. Simply sit outside and enjoy nature


Sitting outside anywhere to take in the nature of the world does not get any better.

Here are 5 last minute quick and fun summer ideas to kick away those summer blues!

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