4 Subjects You Didn't Realize You Wanted A Shane Dawson Series On

4 Subjects You Didn't Realize You Wanted A Shane Dawson Series On

Shane Dawson has yet to cover these eye opening topics in his videos!


We've heard of Jeffree Star's complex world, looked inside Jake Paul's mysterious brain, and even studied the downfalls of Tana Mongeau's Tanacon! The audience seems to devour every new creation Shane Dawson has cranked out tirelessly. His channel has evolved into a Netflix caliber content provider of reality and conspiracy mini-documentaries over the past few years. There are few bases Shane hasn't covered yet, but still enough to leave us begging for more.

Instagram Comedians

Brent Rivera


You're tired of seeing it. You don't understand it. These creators are the Jack Black of Instagram and TikTok. How do these random "public figures," whose short videos consist of stale physical punchlines, have millions of followers? Take Lelepons or Brent Rivera. Their fart joke and prank videos on your explore page make you wonder why these people in their 20s continue trying to entertain an unclear demographic despite mass criticism. Shane Dawson covering the insight into these influencers' self branding, career motives, and personal experiences would answer a lot of our questions as internet content enjoyers. Maybe we'll learn to respect the Stokes Twins or Lauren Godwin more if we see a raw side of them.

Family Vloggers

The Ohana Adventure


I don't have much of a problem with family vloggers. Since Youtube has cracked down on creators that feature minors in their videos, it's easier to see that the majority of these families are trying to create clean and trendy content to appeal to children. Still, Shane Dawson interviewing different family vlogging channels could allow the Youtube community to understand the points of view of these parents who discovered something fun that brings their kids together. There are certain toxicities that come with oversharing on the internet, but I'm sure a video on family vloggers would open this concern up for being properly addressed.

Emma Chamberlain

Emma Chamberlain


Emma's rise to fame in 2018 was unlike any other. She has received a lot of praise and criticism within the short time she has been in the spotlight. A Shane Dawson documentary on Emma Chamberlain may not be the first idea that you would be interested in, as Emma's videos are notorious for being real and straight forward. However, there are many things that viewers like myself would enjoy seeing the other side to. From her cheerleading days growing up outside of San Francisco, a lot of the things Emma is famous for cover up her less talked about past (which is expected when one gets as big "overnight" as she did). Also, maybe an unedited take of Emma Chamberlain would be a refreshing new perspective considering her excessive editing masks certain moments of her life.

Olivia Jade

Olivia Jade and Lori Loughlin


The infamous controversy of the college cheating scandal has left the world disappointed but not surprised with the wealthy people of America, including none other than internet influencer Olivia Jade, and her mother Lori Loughlin of television fame. Since the news broke, we have been left with many things to ponder, such as if Olivia knew about her parents bribing a USC coach or if she even wanted to be in college. It's unlikely, but a look into Olivia Jade's perspective on the scandal would give us at least a little bit of closure.

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