5 Struggles Of Having Curly Hair

Humans always want what they can't have. I've learned that definitely applies to girls and their hair. Those with naturally straight hair buy curling irons and those with curls buy flat irons. "I love your natural hair" is usually followed by "I hate it". Hair comes in so many different textures and colors, making each person truly unique, but if you're like me and were given twisty locks, you will know these struggles.

1. Humidity.

Checking the humidity for the day and seeing 90% is an immediate cringe factor when your have curly hair. No matter how much product you may have put it in that morning the nastiness of the air is going to separate each strand and make your hair a damp poufy ball of frizz. Forget it if you straightened your hair. Give it about 5 minutes outside and that hour spent in front of the mirror and the sore arm you got from holding the flat iron so long will be for naught. Weather can be your worst enemy.

2. Brushing it (or lack thereof).

Hair brushes are mostly effective for those with straight hair. Curls do not like them. Each strand of hair wants to hug its neighbors and be friends, creating a beautiful ringlet. A hair brush is an evil villain pulling them apart. What's left is another frizzy poof. People with curls are used to frizzy poofs. The only time I ever wash my hair is when it's wet. Otherwise, it will look like I haven't brushed it at all. No brush can tame the dry curly beast.

3. Washing it.

I think that a lot of people wash their hair more than they should. It's kind of hard when you shower daily. It just seems right to wash your hair daily as well. Your hair really should not be washed that often - especially if it's curly. It's a lot easier for curly hair to get dried out from over washing because the curls need lots of moisture. I have made this mistake. I used to wash my hair almost every day and was rewarded with a head full of crispiness. It was embarrassing going to get a hair cut and having the man cutting my hair chastising me for my washing routine. I now know better. It's debated how often you should wash your hair, and it's different for every person. For me, I just wait until it feels really greasy and gross. I will also just condition it a few times between washings. Long story short: if you have curly hair, you can't wash it as often as your straight-haired friends.

4. People wanting to touch it.

"Oh wow! Your hair is so curly! Can I touch it?" No. How would you like it if everyone wanted to touch your hair? I am not a dog. Do not pet me. Plus, it took me like an hour to get it to look this good this morning, and I'd really rather not have you mess it up.

5. Being envious of those who can pull it off (or fake it).

I get pretty envious when I see someone with perfectly frizz-free curls. It's pretty easy to tell the difference between curls made with a styling tool and those made by mother nature, but either way, a lot of girls have perfected the look. I am not one of them. I'm still waiting for some curly headed goddess to bestow upon me the secret to a perfect hair day. I know some girls that straighten their curly hair just to be able to curl it themselves with a curler. Seems silly to me, but if that's what it takes, then they are stronger women than me. In the end, it really boils down to how much you care.

Every person has beautiful and unique hair. What you choose to do with it is completely your business and the harshest critic of your hair is always going to be yourself. So, next time you're feeling down about your frizzy head and wishing you had pin straight hair, think of all of the times you've been complimented on the curls you have that are the result of no effort. Remember your natural beauty.

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