Sometimes it can be really hard to come up with the perfect caption for your latest Instagram post. You want it to be cute and clever and add something extra to the post.

Here are some basic captions perfect for your post:

1. Tell them I'm lost @sea

2. Alexa, play summertime sadness

3. What a place

4. Gettin' wet n' wild

5. Cuz dis iz blissssss

6. 3 words, 11 letters: I love summer

7. Back in my element

8. Happiiiiiiii

9. Issa Lifestyle

10. Really really yeah

11. Head in the clouds

12.  Cloud nine

13. Phone eats first

14. & that’s a wrap

15. My happy place

16. Oh hey sun, it’s been a while

17. This is what you see at the end of the rainbow

18. Take me back

19. Sunkissed

20. GNO (girls night out)

21. SaturYAY

22. Life is really good

23. Lil change of scenery

24. Update:

25. Forever grateful

26. Girls just wanna have sun

27. I sure did

28. Let’s get this bread

29. Sponsor me @selectabrand

30. Pure Bliss

31. Worst case of Sunday scaries

32. The glory days

33. It’s me

34. The reunion episode is coming soon

35. The separation anxiety is kicking in

36. What if I wasn’t extra?

37. You know the deal

38. I enjoy us

39. Figuring out this college thing side by side

40. Most likely to….

41. Back with the best

42. & it begins

43. Find your girl gang

44. Are selfies soooo 2017? Asking for a friend

45. So much to smile about

46. Winners don’t have bad days

47. Comment your favorite memory with me

48. Swervin’

49. Had ourselves a day

50. A day without laughter is a day wasted