5 Strangest Holidays In December

5 Strangest Holidays In December

Sometimes you just need to celebrate monkeys.

December is often known as the month of Christmas and Hanukkah and not much else. However, there are a ton more holidays that happen during December than we think. Normal holidays exist, like Special Education Day on December 2nd, but then there are the weird ones. For example, December 18th is Answer the Phone Like Buddy the Elf Day. Here are five other strange holidays that are celebrated in December.

1. Bathtub Party Day – December 5th

December 5th is also International Ninja Day, so it's definitely an exciting day. Bathtub Party Day was created so that people could take a break from the shower typically taken every day and instead soak in the tub. The idea is that the tub soak is more relaxing and gives the participant a second to slow down and chill. Why it's called a "party" is still to be determined.

2. Pretend to be a Time Traveler Day – December 8th

Sadly, this doesn't mean that you're supposed to dress up as the Doctor, but it's still pretty interesting. It was started in 2007 with a few rules: you have to spend the entire time in costume, in character, and you can't tell anyone you are a time traveler. The costumes are usually for someone from a utopian future, a dystopian future, or someone traveling from the past. If you see anyone in Victorian Era grab walking around confused, now you know what's going on!

3. Monkey Day – December 14th

Happy National Monkey Day, everyone! This is actually an unofficial holiday, but it has to be mentioned! This holiday was started in 2000 when a group of MSU art students jokingly celebrated it. Other art students started to put it into their artwork and now it's celebrated across the world.

4. Cat Herders' Day – December 15th

You heard that right. The saying "like herding cats" inspired a holiday! It was created by Ruth and Thomas Roy. The holiday is for people who feel like they are constantly "herding cats" in their job or home life. If you are actually trying to literally herd cats on this day you get bonus points!

5. National Chocolate Covered Anything Day – December 16th

Last, but certainly not least, we have this holiday. Sure, it's not weird, but it has to be one of the best holidays ever! For chocolate lovers it is the opportunity to go crazy making edible Christmas gifts, as well as making stuff for yourself. It's also probably a day where people pretend to be mad scientists. What's the most unusual thing to cover in chocolate? It's bacon.

If you want to learn more about these holidays, or to look at the other quirky days of December, visit National Day Calendar. Happy holidays!

Cover Image Credit: nationalcalendarday.com

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The 5 Blessings Of Community Theatre

Whether you’re a veteran of the stage or a newcomer, an audience member or a Broadway star, community theatre is where it's at.

Is there anything more thrilling that live theatre? The heat of the lights, the colorful costumes, the pain of the mic tape? I think not, and whether you’re a veteran of the stage or a newcomer, an audience member or a Broadway star, community theatre is where most people get their start.

Community Theatre Blessing #1: You Find A Place Where You Are Always Welcome.

I have been blessed to have taken part in countless community theatre productions. I’ve danced through West Side Story, I’ve sung through Seussical, and I’ve been over the rainbow with The Wizard of Oz – twice. These community productions mean more to me than just a check mark on a bucket list or names on a page – these productions have allowed me to become who I am today. I’ve shared too-small dressing rooms (and makeshift dressing rooms) with 15 of my closest friends. I’ve stayed late after shows, not just cleaning and tidying for tomorrow’s run, but simply because I didn’t want to leave. I found a home within the walls of the theatre; I have left my name backstage as part of a legacy started before I was born.

Community Theatre Blessing #2: You Get To Be Involved With All Aspects Of Theatre.

Community theatre teaches you more than just one aspect of theatre. Although I started out acting, singing, and dancing, I have credits as a director, costumer, producer, and sound tech. In just this past week, I’ve had my house overrun with felt and glitter glue for a production of Peter Pan Junior – I jumped on board to have something to do over break. When break ends, I’ll be in rehearsal for a production of She Kills Monsters and I’ll be busy in the costume shop with The Minneola Twins.

Community Theatre Blessing #3: Lasting, Permanent Friendship.

I’ve made friends I would have never met otherwise. Many of my closest friends in community theatre are homeschooled, while I attend public school. Community theatre pulls in people from the surrounding towns as well. While I do most of my shows in Milford or Amherst, New Hampshire, I have friends from Pepperell, Nashua, Hollis, and Manchester. Just as I seek out these companies year after year for my friends, my friends seek out the same companies for the comradery they find.

Community Theatre Blessing #4: It Showcases The Talents Of Many, In Many Different Ways.

I’m not choosing to pursue theatre as a career, but on the community level, no one cares what you have a college degree in. My town’s annual PTA Play usually features some of our elementary school teachers in a tap dance – and I know from experience, tap isn’t easy! Community theatre allows people to showcase their talents that would otherwise stay hidden. Who knows, maybe your next-door neighbor has the voice of an angel!

Community Theatre Blessing #5: You Can Make It Anything You Want It To Be.

Community theatre doesn’t have the same kind of pressure as the professional world. I don’t have to do community theatre to survive, but I still choose to because I enjoy it. That’s what most people in community theatre do – they have a job that pays the bills and puts food on the table, but they get to live out their dreams and passions. One day, this will be me too – I’ll teach by day, and I’ll learn by night. If I’m too busy to commit to the entire rehearsal period, I know at least someone within the production will appreciate another set of hands. I know even if I cannot perform, I can still be involved.

Cover Image Credit: Naomi Cohen

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Astrology trending among the youth

Astrology trending


The ancient, and for some outdated, science of telling the future from looking at the stars is again trending. And this time it’s not the pink haired grandmothers gazing at the stars, it’s the young and hip! Google Trends show a significant increase in search volume related to astrology/horoscope related searches, Instagram and Pinterest are overblown of young hip bloggers decorating their homes in accordance with their horoscope!

The astrology scene has previously belonged to the older part of the population. The grandmas that have read their weekly horoscopes forever, then as they retire, finding they have endless amount of time to spend on their hobbies. Well as they have no hobbies, they have spent their time learning to see the future in the stars, studying astrology. Well, no more! Now statistics tell us that the youngsters are taking over, and the demand for “love” or “baby” horoscopes are growing by the minute, at the same time we can hardly open Facebook without seeing astrology related ads!

So, were to start you spiritual journey?

For those of you that want to take part in the recent spiritual awakening there are loads of information on the web, there are plenty of websites with high quality articles about almost all things related to astrology, horoscopes, clairvoyance or healing. Also good old Wikipedia has tons of information, both for sceptics and believers. Our clear advice is to start by reading all you can find on the internet, then move on to Amazon and buy some books on the subject. Books tend to dig a bit deeper and the authors don’t save their dynamite for later!

What are the best online astrology resources?

Lets start by mentioning www.åndelighet.no, a great site with tons of information about astrology, how to make horoscopes, clairvoyance, and other how tos, like how to become a clairvoyant. This is for the “spiritually gifted” of course. Www.wikipedia.org is definitely also holds tons of solid information, for those who like facts presented in the “Wiki-way”. Other than that our advice is to start Googling, surg the web and go with the flow! There are endless amounts of information, and there are endless amounts of cheap and free horoscopes to follow you on your trip towards enlightenment! But do remember that the saying “the best things in life are free” is not necessarily a guideline to stick to concerning astrology. Not because the cheap or free ones are bad or worse than others, but mostly because they are to general. I horoscope should be set for one single person based on time of birth. 

Great books for the beginner

I’d like to start by mentioning the great intro to astrology by writer Joanna Martine Woolfolk, with the suitable title “The Only Astrology Book You'll Ever Need”. This one takes you from newbie to full blown astrologist! Well, if not full blown, at least a decent well informed hobby astrologist. And from there you will know the path to reach your spiritual insight. The book will guide you in detail how to cast your own chart and also how to interpret it. With the book comes an app that’s about as fun as it is fantastic. That’s saves you decades of learning and hours of work setting you own horoscope!

The other book I’d like to present, with the new and young audience is “Astrology & Interior Design: Unlocking the Secret to Your Personal Style at Home”. A book by Kita Marie Williams, right to the heart of the new wave of astrologers. The title tells it all for this adventure of a book. How to make use of this agent science when planning and decorating your home. Here you will find general instructions, help you cast charts, and help you find true inspiration from the spiritual world. Where do you belong in the Zodiac? Really doesn’t matter, this book will help you place your closet and find the nips to go with it as well!

Let me end this by encouraging you to start your journey against the stars right now! Go to Amazon, Åndelighet or Google right at this moment, begin learning and by all means don’t forget to have fun!


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