If it is supposed to be the thought that counts when it comes to giving presents, then what exactly are horrible gift-givers thinking? Are they even thinking at all? We’ve all suffered through that awkward silence at least once, the one that comes right after someone opens the holiday gift that you selected for them.. and somehow it is just not quite right. In fact, it’s a horrible gift. It’s inappropriate, thoughtless, silly, or otherwise just something they were not so interested in.

Stage 1:

Depending on the manners of the person who is getting the gift, the reaction to the gift might be a forced squeal of delight, an overly broad, stiff smile, or a quick, flat “thank you” tinged with a touch of confusion. This stage is the overly happy to have this horrible gift stage. "Oh thank you so much!"

Or something far worse. But there’s no getting around the fact that, as far as presents go, this one has been considered pretty awful.

Stage 2:

This is the confusion stage.There are so many thoughts going through your mind as you are probably holding this gift, fake smiling and giving this performance your all so it is remotely convincible. Why did they get this awful item for me? Do they even know me? Do they even know what I like? All of these questions start to formulate stage 3.

Stage 3:

The "Should I exchange it?" stage. Returning gifts can be a tricky and sensitive subject, especially if the gift is from a loved one who really thought they had found just the right thing for you. If the person who gave the gift has enclosed a gift receipt, is it safe to say that he or she won't mind if the gift is exchanged for something better suited to your tastes?

Stage 4:

Gift Guilt. I am not talking about giving a gift out of guilt, but the guilt you feel if you do not like something you have received as a gift. You don't like the present and you feel awful. Do you return it and get something you like or do you keep it and just never use it for anything? The questions seem endless and so does your guilt.

Stage 5:

The last stage is the repeat stage. The worst part of lying is the terrible thing that happens when you do it well.. this creates a cycle.. you receive another bad gift next year from the person who thinks he’s doing you a blessing. When you give a gift, do you want it to be a blessing to the other person? Of course you do so you have no other choice than to lie and make them feel as if that horrid, itchy christmas sweater they got you was EXACTLY what you wanted for Christmas that year.