The 5 Stages of Syllabus Week, as Told by Tina Belcher

The 5 Stages of Syllabus Week, as Told by Tina Belcher

Who's ready for the fall semester??

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The first week of classes can go one of two ways: spending more than enough time going over the syllabus and class expectations, or jumping straight into lecture. For many college students, the first week is mainly seeing if you really want to take this class, and to see what kind of money you're about to shell out on books. Here's some ways most of us take it:

1. Excitement

It's a new school year, which means new professors (or some that you've already had), new classes, maybe a few new classmates, and lots of new assignments. But that first day hype isn't going to be brought down that easily!

2. Denial/Overconfidence

We have 9 response papers? 4 exams? Oh, well, maybe if I write them all early it'll work out (it doesn't).

3. Sorrow

All 6 of my classes have how many paper assignments? Due the same week, really??

4. Planning

Your planner is your best friend, and it's important to utilize it. Most profs will give out a printed class schedule, write it down!

5. Defeat

Sweatpants are making a come back, starting week 2. Might wanna grab an IV for coffee while you're at it.

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