The 5 Stages Of Returning For Spring Semester As Told By 'Friends'
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The 5 Stages Of Returning For Spring Semester As Told By 'Friends'

From denial to excitement, we all can relate to these when returning to campus.

The 5 Stages Of Returning For Spring Semester As Told By 'Friends'

Returning to the world of textbooks and late night study sessions can be extremely hard after a month of relaxation, family time and tons of holiday goodies. Here are the stages of a typical return to spring semester as told by the always charming and hilarious "Friends" characters.

1. Denial

With only one day until your return to campus, you can't help but be in denial of the five pounds you gained over break by indulging in Christmas cookies on a daily basis. But let's face it, you loved every minute of it.

2. Procrastination

It's the day of move-ins, and you waited until the last minute to pack your bags because you were too caught up in the denial stage just described above. It's OK, you only have five suitcases to take back with you. How hard can it be?

3. Sadness

You are in the car on your way back to school when suddenly it hits you: You won't see your friends, family or significant other for a while. No more baking Christmas cookies, constructing gingerbread houses, taking late night trips to your local diner with friends, or seeing your partner every day.

4. Acceptance

Everything is unpacked, your family has taken the car back home, and you're sitting alone in your dorm room. As you pack your backpack and lay out your clothes for the next morning, you finally accept the inevitable. You do have class tomorrow, and you do have to get back into the flow of your daily schedule. The sadness from winter break being over will not bring you down. You will conquer this semester!

5. Enthusiasm

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The first day of classes has come and gone. You have seen your dorm mates you haven't seen in over a month. Classes went well. The dining hall food was surprisingly not awful today. Your first day back at school has gone very well. Excitement arises with the possibilities ahead. Good professors, sporting events, clubs and activities, and of course fun nights out with your friends. Bring it on, spring semester! This excitement calls for a Rachel gif.

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