If you haven't seen the iconic TV show Friends, then you aren't really a college student. If you have binged watched the series, then you probably already know that the struggles of Ross, Rachel, Joey, Phoebe, Monica, and Chandler are not that different from our everyday struggles. If the characters of Friends had to describe the bittersweetness of returning to college, here's what they'd say:

1. You're really excited to see your roommate, but you're also still adjusting to sharing a room with another human being.

2. After a summer without waking up early every day, you realize that you forgot how to do morning classes. The professor may notice.

3. You temporarily forgot how to study and you're already spending the first week trying to get control of your life.

4. About 10 minutes into your attempts to study, you invent new and creative ways to procrastinate.

5. Even as an upperclassman, you are still trying to convince your peers that you are a normal human being.

6. You realize that you forgot how to flirt, too.

7. Ultimately, you're happy to be back because you missed your people. They're just as weird as you.