While in college eating healthy is a challenge. There’s not much of a choice on what you eat and most times when you eat. If you don’t have enough money or storage space to go food shopping you are basically stuck with the options on campus.

Even if you could buy and store the food how would you cook it since hotplates and the like are usually banned on college campuses? On top of that, having a campus in a rural/semi-rural area is a pain because transportation is always needed to go anywhere. Smoothies help you in a variety of ways and here are a few directly related to the college student.

1. Fight Fatigue

Have an all-nighter and the big test is that morning? Here’s something for you.

2. Boost Immune System

Seasons can’t get their act together and you have a cold? Here you are.

3. Cure Hangovers

Thirsty Thursday get too real? Don’t bite the dog that bit you—get it put down with this.

4. Lose Weight

That freshman 15 turn into a junior 70? Go get your body back with these.

5. Improve Mood

Trying not to be one of America’s Most Wanted? Save yourself (and them).

You should most definitely try all of these tasty smoothies as they really do work wonders. Try out different things to see which fits your needs best. P.S. remember serving sizes because too much of a good thing can be a bad thing.