As I've made aggressively clear to everyone in the entire world, I am going abroad this semester. I've been planning to go abroad ever since I was a little girl which is truly when I could have become a child musical prodigy or begun plans for world domination. But instead, I dreamed of being a Lizzie McGuire in genuinely every single city not in America.

While I've been planning to go abroad for a long time, I did not plan to be at home for three weeks longer than everyone else I know. What I mean to say is: I've had a lot of a free time, and a lot of free time to spend by myself. So what have I done with this predicament? Well, I've begun all these different self-care practices, of course!!

Mind you all, I'm notoriously in love with myself so Emily Practicing Self-Care is not breaking news. But guys: I didn't realize how easy it could be! I thought self-care time had to be set aside and planned, but I've managed to find ways to incorporate it into my life without making a big fuss.

Use lotion every single day

This sounds so unflinchingly simple but even though I've always had body lotion around, it was not until this summer that I realized how important it was to do regularly… but also how much my super duper dry skin really needed it. It's also (and not to get too mushy) a really great way to get in touch with your body. It's a mostly soothing act until you realize your arms are too short to reach the dry patches on your shoulders and get a little droopy before you remember how good you smell now.

Do a once-in-a-blue-moon deep condition

Last Thursday was the first big night out for Emory students and rather than festering in FOMO, I decided to do a full self-care night, beginning with a nice deep condition. I have very thin hair that gets weighed down if I condition too much (TMI maybe but every hair type is unique so I'm just sharing my personal experience), but since I've been working out every day (not bragging) and sweating and washing it frequently, I've tried to strike a balance so that my hair is not over washed but not overly greasy either. With that, I've cut down on my conditioner amount so that my hair stays light an jubilant.

That said, nothing (nothing) compares to a deep condition. I feel like Kim Kardashian whenever she does the wet hair look, with everything slicked back and perfectly straight (which stands in a stark comparison to my usual shower look, Emma Stone singing "Pocketful of Sunshine" in "Easy A"). When I walk out of a Deep Condition Shower, my hair glistens like the sunrise on any of the seven oceans. And I feel unstoppable, like a sunrise on any ocean or Kim Kardashian on any day of the week.

Forcing yourself to work out

There, I said it! Sue me!!

I started working out max three times a week this summer and I've worked my way up to going every day. I thought I would hate my boujee butt for being a fitness fanatic but my goodness, I LOVE the way my boujee butt looks after all of this exercise. More importantly, I plan most of my workouts in the morning which promotes this sense of obligation to get up and not waste money on a class. So now:

-I'm awake earlier

-I'm working out more

-and I'm genuinely feeling pretty dang good!

Love your butt!!! Love yourself!!!

Designate time in your day for a Netflix Binge

This may be the most basic college thing I've ever said but riddle me this: do you ever walk away from a Netflix binge angry?

I rest my case.

Treat yourself in small ways, whenever

When I was younger, I would go to our local bookstore and buy a book whenever I was upset and wanted to feel better instantly. I didn't realize until the past year or so that I, for one thing, didn't need to spend money to feel better, or that I only need to do things for myself when I was sad.

While I still enjoy a Barnes & Noble haul just as much as the next girl, I also often enjoy not leaving my house to interact with others. I can get the same sense of self-soothing comfort and temporary spiritual enlightenment by drinking a can of Diet Coke or reading on the couch while petting my sleeping puppy.

You do you! That's what self-care is all about.