5 Simple Joys Of Summer

Finals are officially over, and school is out until the last week of August! Now there's so much more time to do things, and we can enjoy the summer since we're free. Here are 5 simple joys of summer!

1. No more school

This is probably one of the best parts about summer. No more studying, writing papers or trying to run on coffee. Of course, we still have things to do like work, and internships, but at least we're free of school!

2. Sleep

During school we don't get much sleep, we're sleep deprived! We're forced to run on coffee and stay up late doing school stuff. Now that it's summer we can actually sleep.

3. Going on vacations

It's hard to get away during the school year, but now that it's summer you can go on vacation anytime you want.

4. Enjoying the weather

What's not to love about summer? The weather is great, and it gets dark late at night.

5. Hanging out with friends

Now that everyone is back from school, you can get together with your friends often.

Enjoy your summer vacation because, school will be back before you know it.

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