5 Signs You’re Owning The Perfectionist Procrastinator Lifestyle

If anyone is a procrastinator, it’s me. I don’t like to admit it, but I procrastinate my own procrastination. Who thought that was even possible? I’ve always been good at procrastinating, which means these habits are probably never going to change. It’s something that I’ve done forever and will continue to do forever. I’d like to think of myself as quite the perfectionist when it comes to important things. Any procrastinator will know all of this to be true, and will without a doubt agree with me.

1.Putting off work until the last possible moment is second nature to you

Procrastinating a huge paper for school or work is something that’s a given for you. You’re given an end date of however many weeks, and you think to yourself: It’s plenty of time; no need to rush into it; I’ll get to it eventually.

Despite putting it off last minute, every little detail is perfect. As it should be. After all, your name is being put on it, might as well make it perfect. As long as what you’re producing turns out great, so are you!

2. You’re someone who “never studies”

Let’s not take this quite literally. Obviously, you study. You wouldn’t make it thru school without it. As everyone studies weeks in advance for the exam, you tend to look over your notes maybe only a week in advance, and it always seems to work for you…sometimes.

You’re prepared enough to take the exam, but leaving maybe not as confident. But as soon as you receive that test back, that confidence that may have been down a tad, it shot back up again. Sometimes.

3. People are hesitant to depend on you

Amongst all your friends you are well known as “The Procrastinator”. So you can understand your friends’ hesitation when they ask you to get something done. Whether it’s for school, or your social life, they fear it may not get done. Understandable in their defense.

“I haven’t done it yet, but don’t worries, it’ll get done when it needs to be!” is typically the response you spit out to your family and friends.

You get it done, so why worry! Just never gets done right away.

4. Regardless of your dysfunctional timely manner, you’re still a very organized person

To most people, you don’t seem very organized. You actually look like the most unorganized human on the planet. People are amazed that your brain has everything planned out to a tee, and the amount of lists/reminders you have is incredible.

You may look unorganized from the outside, and much uncoordinated, but you still manage to have every puzzle piece fit together.

5. You embrace being a procrastinator

Remember, there’s nothing wrong with being a fabulous procrastinator, as long as things are actually done. It does not matter when they are finished, as long as they are. Some people may shy away from you after learning this about yourself, but I just say I have better things to do than worry about someone’s opinion. At least put it on the back-burner for the time being. After all, you procrastinate everything!

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