When I was in middle school, people constantly made their relationship status on Facebook “It’s complicated." I didn’t know if people were joking or trying to hint at someone they had a crush on. All I know is that, now, I’m in college and I feel like not much has changed. Life is complicated— people are breaking up, hooking up and making up. It is a wild world out there and if any of these things remind you of your dating life, you’re not alone.

1. Your feelings towards your loved one are always changing

One week you can’t get enough of them; you want to see them every day and everything is sunshine and rainbows. However, the next week everything they do or say pisses you off and start ignoring their texts and talking crap about them to your friends. Your relationship is so on/off that you’re just going with the flow and you don't really know what’s going on half of the time.

2. Your friends either love your significant other or hate them

This goes along with number one. Things are obviously a little complex between you two and your friends only see your side of the relationship, however, your friends' opinion of your significant other all depends on the timing of your latest gossip and coffee sesh with your BFF. Your friend might have caught you guys on a good week and you seem totally happy; therefore, they love them. If it just so happens they hear about this new love interest on an off night where your new SO is being a total a**hole, your friend will probably sh*t talk them forever. Note: the situation is all the more confusing if your squad hasn’t even met said SO in-person.

3. You both like each other but your lives get in the way

You both have complicated schedules. Maybe you’re both in school or you’re trying to focus on yourself while they're trying to focus on their self. You like each other and you have fun when you’re together, but when you’re apart you wonder where all of it is going. Sometimes it is hard to make time for each other. Whether you are both going through life transitions or you live in different cities — everything equals an “it’s complicated” status.

4. Your conversations about the relationship or feelings are something out of a TV Drama

You might feel like your arguments or discussions about the relationship are straight out of "Twilight." Whether it’s “don’t fall for me” or “we’re not good for each other” the theatrics are always to the max.

5. The inevitable question, “is this even a relationship?" constantly emerges

There’s so much going on in college; you’re trying to find yourself, make good grades, not go totally insane with stress, make new friends and learn to be on your own. It’s hard to make something work when everything in your life is changing all at once. With that being said, focus on what makes you happy and try not to worry.