5 Signs Your Relationship Is Complicated

5 Signs Your Relationship Is Complicated

The wild world of dating.

When I was in middle school, people constantly made their relationship status on Facebook “It’s complicated." I didn’t know if people were joking or trying to hint at someone they had a crush on. All I know is that, now, I’m in college and I feel like not much has changed. Life is complicated— people are breaking up, hooking up and making up. It is a wild world out there and if any of these things remind you of your dating life, you’re not alone.

1. Your feelings towards your loved one are always changing

One week you can’t get enough of them; you want to see them every day and everything is sunshine and rainbows. However, the next week everything they do or say pisses you off and start ignoring their texts and talking crap about them to your friends. Your relationship is so on/off that you’re just going with the flow and you don't really know what’s going on half of the time.

2. Your friends either love your significant other or hate them

This goes along with number one. Things are obviously a little complex between you two and your friends only see your side of the relationship, however, your friends' opinion of your significant other all depends on the timing of your latest gossip and coffee sesh with your BFF. Your friend might have caught you guys on a good week and you seem totally happy; therefore, they love them. If it just so happens they hear about this new love interest on an off night where your new SO is being a total a**hole, your friend will probably sh*t talk them forever. Note: the situation is all the more confusing if your squad hasn’t even met said SO in-person.

3. You both like each other but your lives get in the way

You both have complicated schedules. Maybe you’re both in school or you’re trying to focus on yourself while they're trying to focus on their self. You like each other and you have fun when you’re together, but when you’re apart you wonder where all of it is going. Sometimes it is hard to make time for each other. Whether you are both going through life transitions or you live in different cities — everything equals an “it’s complicated” status.

4. Your conversations about the relationship or feelings are something out of a TV Drama

You might feel like your arguments or discussions about the relationship are straight out of "Twilight." Whether it’s “don’t fall for me” or “we’re not good for each other” the theatrics are always to the max.

5. The inevitable question, “is this even a relationship?" constantly emerges

There’s so much going on in college; you’re trying to find yourself, make good grades, not go totally insane with stress, make new friends and learn to be on your own. It’s hard to make something work when everything in your life is changing all at once. With that being said, focus on what makes you happy and try not to worry.

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Want To Be A Better Boyfriend? Try These 5 Tricks

4. Listen to her.


Some days, it seems like girlfriends are constantly asking for more, and while they may be annoying, there are a few simple ways to stop her nagging and win her praise.

1. Pay attention to her.

I promise you, she is dropping hints every day. These may sound like "Awh, look at all the pretty flowers" or "I haven't been to Boba House in so long!"

2. Plan dates. 

Text her while she is at school or work, and tell her to be ready when you get home or by a certain time. Give her an idea of how dressed up she should be, but don't tell her where you're going. Then, take her to her favorite restaurant, one she's mentioned lately, or to a new movie she'd been looking forward to!

3. Pick up small gifts for her.

This doesn't have to be anything expensive, but next time you're at the grocery store pick up her favorite candy, or a small flower bouquet. Just something little that will show her you were thinking of her when you weren't together.

4. Listen to her. 

Ask about her day, and when she tells you what Sarah did at work, ask her the next day or a few days later if things got better. Take interest in her life and remind her occasionally refer back to old topics to prove you do listen.

5. Get her involved in your interests.

It doesn't all have to be about her! Ask her to watch the game with you, or to go out with you to hang with your friends. She wants to be just as involved in your life as she wants you to be involved in hers!

At the end of the day, every relationship is different. Take this advice as vaguely as needed, and learn your partner and what they expect from you! Happy dating! :)

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7 Tips How You Can Be Just Like Nicole And Find Your Own Carlos

Don't we all wish for our own Prince Charming?


Don't we all wish for our own Prince Charming? One lucky lady at the University of Calgary in Canada got hers! Twitter has been blowing up with the story of Carlos Zetina, a University of Calgary student who met a woman named Nicole at a local bar on September sixth. After Carlos helped Nicole and her roommate get home safely, Carlos didn't get her last name and Nicole accidentally gave him the wrong number.

Carlos was distraught.

Carlos was so smitten with her, he sent a mass email to every Nicole, or variation of Nicole, at the University of Calgary – all 247 of them. The Nicoles united, formed a Facebook group and Nicole was found. Allegedly, Nicole gave Carlos the wrong number because she is an exchange student from Holland and hasn't memorized her new Canadian number yet. Carlos got Nicole's real number and they are going on a date next week, according to Fox News.

Meanwhile, while Nicole is so lucky to literally have a Prince Charming chasing after her, we're her chasing after men who don't give us the time of day. So, in order to meet your personal Prince Charming, I developed a few tips:

1. Don't go searching


Did Cinderella go to the ball with the intention of meeting the prince? No, she went to wear a pretty dress and to explore the castle. If so much of our time is spent consumed with trying to find someone, we may miss out on something great. Instead, just live your life and the right guy will show up at the right time. You don't need to be on the prowl for your next guy, just live life and eventually you will find each other. Finding someone shouldn't be like clothes shopping, it should be like taking a stroll in the park with friends – by being happy, living in the present and waiting for the right timing.

2. YOU know what YOU want, so don't settle for less or other people's opinions


Ultimately, the only person who knows what is best for you is you. Cinderella knew what she wanted, and she didn't listen to the evil stepmother and evil stepsisters when they tried to stop her from meeting the prince. Strive for someone who meets all of your expectations and qualifications, because ultimately, you know yourself better than anyone. Everyone deserves a love that makes them the happiest person on Earth, so don't let other people's opinion get in the way.

3. Use your past relationships to learn from, not bash


There is nothing I hate more than girls or boys who trash their ex. I know that sometimes breakups result in heartbreaks, but each relationship allows us to realize what we want and what we don't want. Don't think of your ex as an enemy, think of them as an opportunity to learn. When we examine them this way, we're able to grow as a person in such a better way than if we trash them.

4. In order to find a Prince Charming, YOU must be a Cinderella


How can you find a Prince Charming if you are an evil stepsister? Cinderella is kind, compassionate and loyal even in the worst of circumstances. She's someone we can all learn from. No one is perfect, but we can strive to be the best person we can always be. To get an amazing man, you should strive to be an amazing woman.

5. Find your own fairy godmother


Who would Cinderella be if she didn't have Gus, Jaq, and her fairy godmother? Find people who strive to make you the best person you can be and who are always there when you need them. This person can be a friend, a professor, your parents, your siblings or anyone that is a shoulder to lean on. Who knows, they may even lead you to your prince charming!

6. There's going to be roadblocks

i quit

In real life, we do have our own evil stepsisters and evil stepmothers. These people can bring us down and make us question who we are. They may block you from realizing who your prince charming is because of the negativity they bring, but don't let that damper your smile. Challenges in life just make us stronger. Remember, you've got this, princess!

7. He may be a prince, but he ain't perfect


Sometimes, Cinderella puts us in this fairytale-mindset where we think men should be perfect. News flash, men AND women are far from it. Instead of questioning if he's your prince because of a mistake or quality he has, realize that he will make mistakes and there will be hard times. Fairy dust doesn't really exist, so realize that bad things may happen and it's up to you and your significant other to get through it.

To read more about Carlos Zetina's story, visit Fox News.

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