There are many different environments in which people grow up. Many factors affect that difference, whether, you grew up in a rural area or city, had many siblings or none, etc. The list can go on and on, however, there is one such aspect of an individual that has two sides and we decide which side we are on. That aspect is whether you are a morning person or not at all. Personally, I have always been a morning person. I grew up on a farm and getting up early to do chores was always expected. So, I guess it has just become a part of who I am! With that, I am also terrible when it comes to staying up super late (I'm talking like 1-2am)! So, I thought it would be interesting to see what makes someone a morning person! As with the night owls, morning people have their certain behaviors and characteristics that distinguish this aspect about themselves.

1. Wake up early

This one is kind of a duh sign that you are a morning person. Once you see the sun has risen then you are up!

2. You struggle to stay awake late at night

I definitely find this to be true! Once it becomes dark outside, then your body knows its time for bed! However, I think during the summertime there can be an exception to this because it is lighter for longer and the weather is so nice you just want to be outside!

3. You like to get most of your work done in the morning

Especially, when it comes to school, I like to have my classes in the morning because I tend to be the most awake and productive as compared to the afternoon.

4. (If you workout... you like to do so in the morning

I am on the rowing team, so I am used to getting up super early to go row or do a workout. I also feel as though it gives me a great start to my day, and I really do feel better about myself!

5. According to your own DNA

According to a study done by a consumer genetics company,, "Of the 15 genetic variants the study found that were linked to being a morning person, seven of them were near genes that are known to play a role in circadian rhythms." So, it actually might turn out that you were born this way!