We all want to believe in the idea of Prince Charming waltzing into our lives and sweeping us off our feet that many of us dreamed about as little girls. Unfortunately, if 2008 Taylor Swift taught us anything, that's not always the case.

So how do you know when you're dealing with an f-boy? It's not always easy to identify when you're faithfully wearing your rose tinted glasses, but I promise you the signs are all there. From one girl to another, here are top 5 signs he's playing you. Because we all deserve better.

  1. He Talks About Sleeping With You Before He Asks You To Be His Girlfriend

No, this isn't normal about-to-be-your-boyfriend behavior, especially if you haven't shown signs of it happening naturally anytime soon. If he has to ask, you're probably not on the same page and if this comes before him showing any real signs of commitment toward you, then that's a glaring sign of where his priorities lie.

  1. The Future Is Rarely Talked About In A Positive Way

This can also be disguised as someone who just wants to "live in the moment," a.k.a he's young and doesn't want to be tied down. A.k.a you won't be getting very far anytime soon with him.

  1. He Speaks Negatively Of His Past Relationships

"My ex is so crazy" and "I've been heartbroken before" are two big signs he's a player. First of all...what did he do to make her crazy? And saying he's afraid to be heartbroken again is pretty ironic considering he's not so afraid to be talking to you. All these are are excuses. If there's one thing I've learned, it's that guys will move MOUNTAINS to be with you no matter how tired or busy they are. But remember this too..they will move those same mountains if it means they'll get to sleep with you too.

  1. He Parties A LOT

Keep in mind, this isn't necessarily a bad thing. Going out and partying at whatever speed you want is totally up to you and isn't for anyone to really judge. But if he's coming home after the sun comes up more than a few times since you've been talking to him, he's probably not very interested in anything serious, and might just be looking to have fun. This isn't a guaranteed point, but also shouldn't be overlooked.

5. Deep Down, You Know It's Not Right.

Listen to your gut. A girl's intuition is her strongest asset, and regardless of what the people around you are saying, if it doesn't feel 100%, get out of there.