You’ve always taken calculated risks, especially when it came to driving. There was never a road too empty for a turn signal or a complete stop. But there are always those experiences that every safe driver knows.

1. You always look exactly two times in each direction at every intersection because you never know when the neighborhood cat or kid on a tricycle will decide to pass by.

2. You check the route at least eight consecutive times before you go anywhere new.

Even when you use the navigation on the Google Maps App on the way there.

3. The DMV employee told you to go a little faster after your driving test because you might upset some people.

You went 10 mph under the speed limit for the whole test.

4. You’re jamming to your tunes when you suddenly feel like you’re catapulting down the road like an unstoppable bowling ball.

You check the speedometer and see that you’re going 45 mph in a 45 mph lane. This happens three more times before you arrive at your final destination.

5. You’re driving along and the car behind you passes you. And then another. And you all meet up at the next stop light.

Oh, you rebel, you.