5 Shows I Used To Love As A Kid And Still Do

On Netflix, I noticed they have put up some of the shows that I used to watch as a kid.

I thought I would relive the good ole days.

1. Dragon Tales

In case you don't know, this show is about two kids Emmy and Max, who move to a new house. In their play room, they find a box that has a magical dragon scale in it. This magical dragon scale allows them to go to Dragon Land. In Dragon Land, they meet new dragon friends and go on adventures.

2. Cyberchase

This show was about a group of kids that were on mission to stop Hacker and his henchmen from trying to overthrow Motherboard and rule Cyberland.

3. Bear In The Big Blue House

This was about a bear named Bear who, along with his friends, taught lessons about sharing and being kind.

4. Out of the Box

This show was about teaching kids how to think creatively and use their imagination to make cool things out of things around the house and have fun.

5. Rugrats

How could you not love Rugrats? It was such a fun show about all the adventures a group of babies can find themselves in.

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