February 14th is supposedly the day of love, for couples to show their love for one another which was proposed by no other but St.Valentine himself. Which sounds great. People exchange gifts such as chocolates, jewelry, flowers, watches, perfume/cologne, and etc and get all romantic and do things that they usually wouldn't do any other day. For instance, going out to eat or cooking a huge meal or going to the movie or a nature hike, or etc.. However, shouldn't this day be like every day? Wouldn't you want to show your love to the person every day not just once every year because the society around you celebrates it? Why can't you just surprise your significant other with flowers or chocolates or jewelry on a random day of any month of every year? Why does it have to be on Valentine's day only?

Here are 5 reasons why Valentine's Day should really just be another ordinary day.

1. Love them all the time, not just one time

Loving someone is about showing them how much you love them every day and not just once a year.

2. Single and having to celebrate a love day.

Valentine's day when you're older is mostly for couples, however, when you're single you feel even shitter and lonelier when this holiday has to roll around. So if you're single, having this day be any other ordinary day would probably help your self-esteem.

3. It's the thought that counts.

Wouldn't you want your significant other to think of you by themselves and not just because of the holiday? Wouldn't you want your significant other to buy you or make you something just because they thought of you not because of the holiday?

4. Material items aren't Love

Love is about quality time, showing affection, knowing each other's strengths and weaknesses and loving one another through the bad and the good. It's not about gifts and who got who what. Valentine's day makes love into a materialistic item and not how love should be showed.

5. A Holiday that is Enforced

Valentine's Day is just like any other holiday enforced by society, such as Christmas and Easter that are holidays to generate revenue, not for genuine reasons.

Valentine's Day should be seen as just an ordinary day to show love to your loved ones, whether you're single or in a relationship. It shouldn't discriminate those that don't have a significant other, it should encourage people to love another whether you are a couple or not. Valentine's Day should be upheld like any other ordinary day and shouldn't be different from one day or another.