5 Reasons Why Takis Are Straight Up Fire

5 Reasons Why Takis Are Straight Up Fire

2. They Actually Taste Like Food

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2018 is the year for spicy snacks. However, there is only one snack that manages to repeatedly rise from the ashes and ruddy residue that topples all the rest. I’m talking about Takis, of course.

Ah, yes, Takis. AKA a deep-fried banquet masquerading as an innocuous tortilla chip. Maybe the fact that they're rolled up tortilla chips is off-putting enough to make you run back to your usual fare of Hot Cheetos, but seriously, dude, please give these little guys a shot.

1. There's More to Them Than Spice

Not only do Takis pack a punch, but they also have an immense amount of flavor. As it currently stands, there are four Taki varieties - each with varying degrees of flavor and heat. My favorite has to be the Fuego-flavored ones which are not only spicy but tongue-numbing sour.

2. They Actually Taste Like Food

(At least compared to similar snacks) When it comes to other cheap spicy food, it feels like I'm biting into paprika-doused paper. Worst case scenario, I find myself unintentionally (or drunkenly) snacking on some sort of revolting chimera of different foods. With Takis, that's not usually the case. With that said, it's still processed food and should only be eaten on certain occasions with the likes of Lay's potato chips and other Cheetos snacks.

3. They Could Give Spicy Snack Lovers a Run For Their Money

If you really love lip-puckering, snot-inducing foods, then Takis are for you! No joke - especially if you're bored with your standard fare. Feeling a little adventurous? Be sure to grab a bag of Takis.

4. They're Different

Takis are produced by Barcel, A Mexican-based food company. As expected, these snacks can be hard to come by in the States. Due to their rarity, they should be treated for what they are - unicorn-like treats that deserve to be indulged once every blue moon.

5. Because Maybe You've Never Even Heard of Takis

And maybe that's why you're reading this article, because what the f is a Taki? So what's stopping you from ripping into a bag right now? Location? Still feeling iffy? Are spicy snacks not you're thing? Okay. You don't have to try them now, but next time you encounter a bag or party bowl of these bad boys, please give them a try. At least for curiosity's sake.

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