Have you heard the news? Southern Illinois University Edwardsville has a new fraternity making it's way on campus, and there are many reasons the girls in Edwardsville are obsessing about Delta Chi.

1. Expansion of Greek Life Means More Involvement

With another fraternity on campus, there will be more mixers, more events, and more fun. You know what they say: Bigger is Better.

2. Fraternities Teach Men To Act As Gentleman

People are always going to dis fraternities and sororities no matter what the situation is. Greek life holds students to higher standards. Another fraternity means one more organization to help mold students into better versions of themselves.

3. Ashton Kutcher is a Delta Chi

Wouldn't you want to meet Ashton Kutcher's brother if you could?

4. Dan

You thought Alex from Target was a big deal? Here at SIUe, we prefer Dan for Delta Chi.