5 Reasons Why Nick Viall Didn't Take 'The Bachelor' Role for the Right Reasons
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5 Reasons Why Nick Viall Didn't Take 'The Bachelor' Role for the Right Reasons

Once a Bachelor villain, always a Bachelor villain

5 Reasons Why Nick Viall Didn't Take 'The Bachelor' Role for the Right Reasons

Last Tuesday night, ABC announced that Nick Viall will take the titular role on season 21 of The Bachelor. Viall came up just short of happily ever after when he was the second-to-last man standing on both Andi Dorfman and Kaitlyn Bristowe's seasons of The Bachelorette. Nick is currently featured on Bachelor in Paradise, a spin-off show that features past contestants from The Bachelor/ette looking for love while living together at a beach resort.

While ABC is attempting to frame the media narrative as Nick finally getting his chance to hand out the roses, viewers remember Viall as the villain from his previous turns on The Bachelorette and feel that JoJo's third-place contestant -- war veteran Luke Pell -- is much more deserving of a chance to find love. Here are some of my thoughts on why Nick Viall should not be The Bachelor.

1. He just wants fame

While one could easily argue that no one goes on The Bachelor to find love, no one ever goes on The Bachelor FOUR TIMES to find love. If it does not work the first, second, third, or fourth time, it won't work when Nick gets to pick. He is clearly going on the show for media exposure. His social media accounts make it evident that he uses his relative fame to promote products and pursue modeling instead of getting a real job, so his turn as The Bachelor is likely because he feels it would elevate his brand.

2. He slut-shames

I don't care how nice he was on Bachelor in Paradise, he asked Andi -- on national television no less! -- why she slept with him if she knew she would choose Josh, as if she needs to explain herself. Yet when Nick went on The Bachelorette again, he had no qualms about sleeping with Kaitlyn on their first date. Hypocritical much?

3. JoJo's rejects would've been so much better

Luke would have been the perfect Bachelor: he comes from small town values, served our country and dons a plaid shirt as well as former Bachelors Sean, Ben, and Chris ever did. If Luke was too boring, though, then why not Robby? The hunky swimmer has Nick's edgy, aspiring model looks and controversy to match, except Robby would be more dramatic and relevant because of the scandal involving his ex.

4. Nick's too old for the job

When 38-year-old Brad Womack was The Bachelor, I cringed as he smooched countless twenty-something women. At 35, Nick ought to be seeking women with more life experience and maturity than the 24-year-olds that line up in droves to taste the reality TV spotlight. Age is just a number, but Nick might have a hard time connecting with contestants who will likely be a decade his junior. Maybe I wouldn't have a problem with it if I thought ABC would give the same opportunity to a woman in her 30s...

5. Nick doesn't deserve "The Bachelor"

Chris Harrison claims Nick is the most deserving Bachelor the show could have had, but I disagree. Nick is the least deserving Bachelor. Nick has suffered heartbreak every time he has appeared on the show, and his turn as The Bachelor will likely end no differently. Odds are good that Nick will endure even worse tabloid scrutiny and yet another bad, public break-up after his season ends.

For someone whose family and friends have already weathered this media storm twice, shouldn't The Bachelor spare Nick's feelings instead of chasing sensational ratings? If Nick truly wants to find love, everyone involved should no that The Bachelor is not the best way for him to do so.

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