5 Reasons Why Tumblr May Be for You
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5 Reasons Why Tumblr May Be for You

A blogging site for people who don't blog... Crazy, right?

5 Reasons Why Tumblr May Be for You

Every facet of our modern lives online has been held captive by comments, likes, and shares. Millennials are especially prone to varying levels of social media addiction stemming from our childhood relationship with the world wide web. Losing your phone, a seemingly trivial matter, can lead to depression, fits of rage, and of course, social anxiety. But fear not, there are so many social media outlets too choose from to help you de-stress and stay connected.

There are certain social media outlets that have become more prolific than others. Some examples are Facebook and Twitter, which have become the bread and butter of our cyber generation. However, neither of these sites specialize in originality. The extent of customization on many of the most used forms of social media is sad to say the least, limiting users to negligible additions to their profile which is supposed to sum up an individual's identity. So, where can users find a place to be extremely creative and individualistic on a social media platform if Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Youtube, and Instagram just don't cut it?

Enter Tumblr.

1. Did I Mention Creativity?

Each Tumblr blog can be customized to your liking with various layouts and templates. Almost everything on the site is meant to be tweaked, making cover photos a thing of the past and replacing them with a slew of photographs that integrate seamlessly with your site. If you are feeling adventurous, there is even an option to add music playlists that start when your page is opened, or the songs can be browsed with various customizable controls.

2. It's Blogging, Simplified.

There are many people out there, myself included, who have always dreamt of blogging but in reality have had no spare time to draft articles, proof read copious amounts of text, or search endlessly for the perfect photographs. Tumblr eliminates the text issue because while it is an option for those who are interested, no one expects tumblr bloggers to be politically correct or grammatically knowledgeable. Sweet, simple, and to the point... just the way we like it.

3. It Makes Everyone Look Like A Professional Photographer.

A large part of the site is built upon a foundation of epic photographers who take surreal and aesthetically pleasing photos. While sharing other peoples creations is a major feature of Tumblr, everyone also has the ability to upload photos, videos, and other creative content.

4. It Offers an Extensive User Experience.

As soon as you make an account, you are greeted with a welcoming home page that functions just as a news feed does. Here, you can view every thing that your friends or those you follow have recently shared, search for new blogs to follow, receive notifications, and even explore the Tumblr community freely. Everything that you could possibly need to run your blog is compiled in one place making an already simple site even simpler.

5. It has Something for Everyone.

Owned and operated by Yahoo, Tumblr has shocked the market with its emphasis on visual appeal and design features. Don't worry, it is not bursting at the seams with pictures grungy youths smoking cigarettes as it was at its inception. Everything looks clean, polished, and sleek. Hipsters, fashionistas, fraternities, sororities, and even professionals have come to love the site making it an entirely new form of social media entirely. Tumblr even offers full support for GIFs, while Facebook definitely does not.

Tumblr is a blend between Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook, but using the site feels like none of the above. Its unique properties give Tumblr an edge when it comes to blogging, photography, and even simple social networking. Don't get me wrong, you are not going to want to delete your Facebook page in hopes of switching over. Simply add to your cyber resume and think about setting up your own Tumblr in addition to your other profiles. You can even link your Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts into your page as you see fit. I know you are probably taken aback by all these amazing features--I know Owen Wilson is.

As an example of how Tumblr can be used in the professional world, check out this link to The Burrow's Tumblr, which functions as a clothing concept and lifestyle blog.

Also, click on the obnoxiously oversized button below to navigate to Tumblr!

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