5 Reasons Why Every American Should Vote
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5 Reasons Why Every American Should Vote

It is our duty and our Freedom

5 Reasons Why Every American Should Vote
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November 2016: what seems to be one of the most controversial months in the course of US history. We find America stuck between, ‘make America great again’ or ‘We are stronger together’, stuck between voting for a multibillionaire or voting for our first female president, but I have heard that the easiest answer to what will go down as one of the most historical presidential campaigns is to not vote all together. But why? Voting is one of the American freedom’s in which groups of people fought to get this right that so many of us take for granted. Here are 5 reasons why I believe EVERY American should take up their right to vote:

1. Voting honors the history of United States of America

Through out the course of our history, we have seen voting as a privilege that were only honored to wealthy white men. In 1869, 80 years later, we saw the passing of the 15th amendment that allowed men of color to vote. After consistent effort to want to be seen as equal and have their voice heard just as much, women finally got the right to vote in 1919/20. It was a battle for many years to give all Americans the simple right to vote, and now that we so freely have it, Americans are quick to pass that freedom up. It is time for Americans to honor the founding fathers and do our citizen duty of voting that didn't come all too easy back in our history.

2. Don’t be a hypocrite and gain credibility

No matter whether you vote or not, people will always be talking politics and their opinion on the president in office at the time or the political party that is holding power, but 50% of our country doesn’t vote, so how can they talk? I believe that if you don't vote that you are a hypocrite if you bring up any political issues, because what gives you the right? We don’t always have to agree with our government and we probably won’t, but not voting at all gives a citizen no right to complain when they weren’t involved in the most important part of our government: voting.

3. America is a democracy

If over 50% of the population of America is not voting than is America a true democracy? No. We as Americans are privileged to live in a country that is fortunate enough to have a say in all of our political candidates, but if more than half of our population isn't voting than how is it truly majority rules? As Americans we need to fully understand that it is a privilege to live in the United States of America and it is our duty to keep our government a democracy and getting a true understanding of what the people want by doing our duty, voting.

4. Be the change you want to see

Through the turmoil we have seen this great country go through, complaining about it and not getting actively involved isn't solving the issue, it is actually worsening the issue. Americans are quick to talk about the shift in power we see within our government, but yet aren't willing to do anything about it. If you want to see change in our government, than do something about it. We live in America where we enjoy more freedoms than any other country, it is time Americans stop voicing their opinions about change, and actively be involved in the change.

5. Voting is YOUR voice

It is a common misconception that people say, "Well one vote won’t count", but what is happening is more than half of Americans think this way and now our voting percentage is less than half of our population. If 500 people believe their one vote doesn't count, it isn't one vote that isn’t being made it is 500 and so on. Voting allows you to be involved in the government and gives you a way to voice your opinion. Use it. We enjoy freedom of speech and so many of us use it for unnecessary reasons, but yet when it comes to voting we forget that our voice does in fact matter. Use your freedom of speech to honor our country and vote.

As Americans it is our duty to vote and to take full responsibility of the candidate we elected into office. It is time we turn our country back into a true democracy and VOTE.

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