5 Reasons to Walk Away

The reality of all relationships and friendships is that not every single one is meant to be. Not every person that walks into your life is meant to stay forever. So here is a couple of the many reasons that you should walk away.

1) If there is any lack of respect.

NEVER stay with someone who does not respect you. Whether it is the words they say or the actions they take, it will never be worth it to keep around someone who disrespects you. You should be able to be comfortable around everyone you allow in your life. Comfortable enough that you do not need to be afraid of the things they could say or the actions they could take, whether you are around them or not around them.

2) If you have to stop doing the things that make you happy.

Your happiness is so much more important than keeping a single person in your life. In the grand scheme of life, one person is nothing. There are so many other people in the world that can and will make you so much happier. There are numerous people out there who will allow you to keep doing the things you love in life and will cherish those moments with you. So take a step back, are you the happiest you have ever been? Are you still doing the things you love in life?

3) If there is a lack of communication.

Communication is key in all relationships and friendships. If you cannot openly talk to each other, why are you still together? Why be with someone you have to keep things from? Why be with someone who keeps things from you? Open communication is what defines a healthy relationship. Do not get caught up in dishonesty and silence. Communicate or walk away.

4) If you are living in the past instead of the present.

Memories are great, but not when they are defining your future. Do not live in the past, holding onto something that was greater in the past than it is in the present. Be able to determine the person you are now and compare it to the person you use to be. Change can be good, but it does change the dynamic of a relationship. Make sure your present relationship is just as good as the past relationship.

5) If you find yourself justifying their actions.

Never justify. Justifying someone's actions not only gives them credit they do not deserve but it also puts you at a lower standing in the relationship. Giving the other person that credit gives them the power to walk all over you because you will continuously justify those actions. If you feel the need to justify, you should also feel the need to walk away.

Walking away is never easy, but sometimes it is necessary.

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