I started taking boxing training sessions last summer to try something different and new, and I LOVED IT. These work outs may be more physically challenging than your go-to exercises, but the loads of benefits speak for themselves. Here are just some of reasons you should say yes to boxing and no to the dreadful treadmill.

1. Self-defense skills

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This type of workout is extremely beneficial to gaining experience in self-defense. Anything can happen at any time in your life. Obtaining skills and experience in the art of self-defense is a great way to be prepared. In this day and age, dangerous and unsafe situations can arise anywhere, especially a college campus. Learn numerous combinations of kicks and punches and gain a feeling of confidence with your ability to protect yourself and others.

2. The health benefits

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I don't know about you, but glancing at my Apple Watch to see I've burned 500 calories in less than an hour is the most satisfying feeling ever. Boxing improves your strength, flexibility, and efficiency in doing other various types of physical activity. Lose that college weight and get the six-pack you assured yourself you would have 3 years ago.

3. Stress relief

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Stress is stressful! We all try our best to be positive no matter how tough things get, but your lack of exercise could be the clear culprit. Regular boxing sessions help alleviate not only physical stress, but mental. The second I finish a boxing session I immediately feel a sense of accomplishment, release, and happiness (I DID THAT). It's a feeling of satisfaction knowing you started your day off with power, strength, motivation, and will end it with that same mindset. It's like finishing a ten-page paper, except you're dripping of sweat and it's not 3 a.m.

4. Anger management

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Anger. Your worst enemy. Instead of taking it out on your fancy pillows, release the demons on a punching bag. There’s no better feeling than punching a bag while picturing your professor who failed to accept your paper turned in one minute late (the absolute WORST). You might find some peace with your ability to let go of grudges you've had since the 5th grade (I still haven't gotten over a lunch detention for chewing gum).

5. Hand-eye coordination

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If you're a loyal Angelina Jolie fan like myself, you have watched Mr. & Mrs. Smith several times. Remember the scene where Jolie smoothly catches the bottle of wine the second it "falls" out of Brad Pitt's "slippery" hand? WOW. I may never be able to achieve that level of finesse, but boxing is a way to improve the coordination imperative for this artful skill. Seeing the target (punching bag), reacting to the target, and punching the target in a speedy and substantial matter is harder than it sounds. You can improve your reaction times, reflexes, and maybe just impress your friends with your new skills.