5 Reasons The SEC Is The Best Conference
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5 Reasons The SEC Is The Best Conference

Love God, sweat tea, and the SEC.

5 Reasons The SEC Is The Best Conference

1. We are found globally.

You could be surfing the waves of Florida or skiing the slopes in Colorado and hear the famous words that range from War Eagle to Roll Tide. Even the unfortunate students stuck in the Big 12 know our teams and can't help but root for one side at the Iron Bowl.

2. It's easier to chant SEC than Conference USA.

When you're up in the stands with the score neck and neck, the SEC fans come out to cheer on our teams for the win, even if their own team had already been eliminated.

3. Our football is second to none.

Even when we had a "bad bowl season" we still tied our record for the most bowl wins for one conference. Not to mention we've won six out of the eight past National Championships.

4. We have the best tailgates worldwide.

With our southern hospitality, we welcome all sports teams with open arms to join our celebration of the Saturday games. We start all tailgates mid-week before the weekend even begins. Whether Arkansas fans are roasting a pig or Aggie fans are chugging pitchers of beer for their ring dunks, our fans come together to create the best college day experience.

5. We have our own broadcasting network.

With our nationally known network, we get a chance to expose our athletes to show them off worldwide. From any place in the world, you can turn on the television to watch your favorite teams compete. From a volleyball game to a tennis match, all teams are represented through our worldwide network.

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