5 Reasons Michelle Obama Should've Run For President
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5 Reasons Michelle Obama Should've Run For President

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5 Reasons Michelle Obama Should've Run For President

After waiting 18 years to vote for the president, my two choices are Hilary Clinton and Donald Trump. It seems that this is a matter of choosing between the lesser of two evils. The next president will either be a liar or a racist. Sadly, this is the reality. What if there could've been better choices? What if Michelle Obama ran for president? Surely she would be a greater candidate than Clinton and Trump combined. For many reasons, Michelle Obama should've run for president.

1. She's a great role model.

During her time as the First Lady, Michelle Obama gave many speeches. One thing that she truly emphasized in her speeches was hard work. She encouraged young men and women to focus on their school work and to follow their dreams no matter what. She made it clear that distractions will come along the way, but with hard work you can accomplish anything.

2. She is passionate about issues.

Unlike the current candidates, Michelle Obama is truly passionate about issues. She doesn't care about power or helping herself. She simply wants to help others. This is why she goes out to places that have been impacted by natural disasters and she preaches to women about why they should never listen when people try to limit them.

3. She is smart.

Michelle Obama is a Harvard Law School Graduate. She was the First Lady of the United States for eight years. In all that time, she has learned what it takes to be the president. She has seen how hard it is to be the president because huge decisions have to be made in order to protect the country and make it better.

4. She is not pretentious.

Michelle Obama is truly a kind person. She doesn't just pretend to be kind so that people will like her. Even after her husband became president, she carried out the morals that she preached throughout the election. Michelle Obama is real. She emphasizes in her speeches that she wants the best for her daughters. With that said, she makes sure that she is a great role model for them. It wouldn't be a positive influence on her daughters if she acted fake towards the public.

5. She's not only poised, but funny too.

If you've seen her sing along videos with James Corden then you'd know that Michelle Obama isn't all about appearances. She cares about having fun too. She even had a dance-off with Ellen DeGeneres while on The Ellen Show.

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