Living in dorms is a right of passage for every college kid. You learn to get along with all kinds of people, slowly adapt to having new responsibilities as an adult and experience all the ups and downs that college has to offer with people who are in the exact same place as you. But once you have seen what all the hype is about, you have no obligation to remain in campus housing for the rest of your time in school.

For some people, dorms provide social opportunities, convenient access to campus and potential jobs as RAs, but for the rest of us, we can't wait to get out of the world of communal bathrooms and paper thin walls. Here are five reasons why your off-campus living is worth a shot:

1. Privacy.

Perhaps the number one appeal of leaving the dorm life behind is the privacy you'll obtain living somewhere else. No campus security to key into your room when you're out to make sure you don't own any candles, no next door neighbor to overhear every little conversation you have; you're free to live as you see fit and don't have to explain yourself to anyone.

2. Noise level.

No more neighbors who fight with their boyfriends every day, no more doors slamming without regard to the people around them, no more tiptoeing up the stairs when you get home late with worry of disturbing others, no more fear of your TV being too loud, no more unexplained crashes from the floor above you, just peace and quiet.

3. Cooking.

Having to make your own meals might sound like a hassle at first, but it ends up being so much more enjoyable than only being able to eat cafeteria food with a meal plan. You learn basic cooking skills and quickly discover simple yet delicious recipes that you can always rely on.

4. Laundry.

Gone are the days where you have to compete with three hundred other people for six washing machines. Having your own place means you can do laundry on your schedule and without worrying someone will come along and toss your clothes out so that they can get their load done first. Your washer, your dryer, your rules.

5. Bathroom.

Imagine a life with no more shower shoes. Beautiful, isn't it? That dream can become a reality when you live off campus. A special shower to shave your legs, a toilet that isn't the victim of alcohol-induced vomit every other night and doors that actually lock and let you live your life in peace.

If you are the type of person who does enjoy living in a kennel – I mean, a dorm – then all the power to you. But if on-campus housing isn't quite the piece of paradise you envisioned, then check out your other options. And if you still aren't convinced, most places let you have pets. Game, set, match.