5 Reasons that Franciscan T.O.R Religious Are Basically Hippies
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5 Reasons that Franciscan T.O.R Religious Are Basically Hippies

And why it's awesome.

5 Reasons that Franciscan T.O.R Religious Are Basically Hippies

I would like to preface this saying a little bit about where I am coming from. Through the Austrian experience, I have been to Assisi, as many of you have as well, and additionally, I am in Rosa Mystica Household, and if you didn't already know, we kind of have a not-so-secret love of the priesthood and religious life. Also don't worry, If you have questions I can link all my sources throughout the article. Thanks!

1. Brother Sun and Sister Moon

St. Francis of Assisi said all living things were our brothers and sisters. A beautiful image that St. Francis puts before us as well as very environmental. We all know that St. Francis is the Patron Saint of living things, therefore it makes sense that one: he would see them all as our friends and two: let's be honest the environmental movement cannot hate the Catholic Church because let's face it, quite a few things they stand for: "the Church recommends Francis as a guide for animal and nature lovers, environmentalists and ecologists. " (http://www.praying-nature.com/site_pages.php?secti...)

2. Have you SEEN Assisi

If you haven't seen Assisi go right now and look at one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It's tucked away in the Italian countryside. It's picturesque view would be a hippie's paradise, secluded and a place where one can get very "in touch" with nature. Especially if you go to St. Francis' hermitage... You will feel a serene peace.

3. Meditation

St, Francis was all about personal prayer...and that's where I'd like to think a lot of the hippies got it from T.O.R. friars, could you imagine, in the 60's if the hippies and the friars meditated together? How crazy would that be?! Here is one of the Franciscan T.O.R's charisms: "The sisters and brothers whom the Lord has called to the life of contemplation (Mk 6:31), with a daily renewed joy, should manifest their special dedication to God and celebrate the Father's love for the world. It was He who created and redeemed us, and by His mercy alone shall save us." (http://www.franciscanstor.org/The_Life/TOR_Rule/)

4. Poverty

Franciscan T.O.R's take a vow of poverty and simplicity... hippies (although some don't have jobs) mostly try to live simply, without too many things. Yet another thing I hope they found through St. Francis:

"Let them be mindful that they should have only those goods of this world which, as the apostle says, "having something to eat and something to wear, with these we are content (1 Tim 6:8). Let them particularly beware of money. And let them be happy to live among the outcast and despised, among the poor, the weak, the sick, the unwanted, the oppressed, and the destitute." (http://www.franciscanstor.org/The_Life/TOR_Rule/)

5. Gentleness

Now I am talking about the hardcore hippies who push for nonviolence and love (yes as liberal as that sounds from a modern day perspective), but believe me, people in the modern world like this exist. Also, have any of you been to a confession by a Franciscan Priest (the answer is hopefully yes)? What do they say after you've confessed your sins: "Thank God for this humble *insert adjective here* confession". Do you know how peaceful, gentle and downright calming that is? It's gentle and altogether exudes God's love.

" Blessed are they who love another who is sick and seemingly useless, as much as when that brother or sister is well and of service to them. Whether in sickness or in health, they should only want what God wishes for them. For all that happens to them let them give thanks to our Creator." (http://www.franciscanstor.org/The_Life/TOR_Rule/)

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