5 Reasons Why Being Stuck In The Future Holds You Back

5 Reasons Why Being Stuck In The Future Holds You Back

When all you do is think about the future you tend to get left behind.


Being futuristic is considered a leadership skill, because it allows planning the ability to assess how the present may make an impact on the future. Always thinking about the future can hurt you though. Anyone who constantly finds themself stuck in the future will know the pains that come with it. Being stuck in the future really holds you back - the irony is real.

1. You are never content.

You are never happy where you are. You are always looking forward to bigger and better things. Your present life seems boring and unappealing. You keep thinking "If I could just have this... I will be happy." Then, when you get that it just becomes another thing you want. You can never find a place you are truly happy because you know there is more in your future.

2. Your expectations are almost never met.

When thinking of the future it is always beautiful and what you want and planned how you want. Sometimes you can't accomplish what you have set forth in your mind. This creates problems because you can't live up to your own expectations. This is really true for large life milestones such as graduation or starting college. You think they are going to be amazing when they are really just okay.

3. You tend to zone out.

You miss a lot of what people say because you are thinking about how you'd be spending this time in five years or how the subject they are discussing won't even be a problem: "Who cares about this lecture, in a few years I will have my career and my family." It is a constant struggle to stay grounded in the present.

4. You get overly excited for plans.

You love making plans. Like you want to go shopping in three years on Tuesday? Good, you're penned in. You are constantly making future plans that you spend everyday excited for and constantly checking every detail of. You want your plans to go exactly as you want them so the future can be all you had hoped.

5.You annoy people to no end.

You are nonstop asking, "What if?" - and that makes people angry. You just want to know what happens next and they are busy living life now. You have your life planned out and you want to tell them, but they barely know what they are doing in 15 minutes. In the end you suffer in silence and continue to plan for the future that you know is lurking just around the corner.

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