I know I'm not the only one who creates daunting tasks for New Year's Resolutions. This time of year, we all see an increase in advertising for weight loss plans and exercise DVD sets. I tell myself that I will write everyday, or that I will learn how to do something new. Honestly, these resolutions are much easier said than done. I know once March comes around, I typically feel as though I have failed. This year, I've written five New Year's resolutions that feel achievable, and I hope they inspire you to create your own New Year's resolutions this year.

1. Take time to plan.

Spontaneity is great at the right times, but if you find that you are always procrastinating essays or waiting until the last minute to do an assignment, you should start planning ahead. Take this advice from an English major: find your sources before writing your paper. Plan ahead in everything you do, and you'll panic way less.

2. Be creative.

Find something that inspires you. That could be writing, drawing, crafting, or coloring. Take time to do something creative once a week, or more often if you have the time. You can create something you are proud of, along with taking time to relax. I find that once I write an article each week, I am able to improve and become more confident in my abilities.

3. Focus on sleep.

Don't compare the amount of sleep you didn't get with your friend. As a culture, we sometimes brag about having a lack of sleep. Why do we do that? We should congratulate those of us who are regularly making sure they can achieve eight hours of sleep each night, not berate them. If you're used to five or six hours of sleep a night, start small. Please no more all-nighters, alright?

4. Self-care.

Let's start taking care of ourselves. Self-care means different things to different people. It could mean taking a bubble bath, meditating, or organizing your bedroom. Take some time every week to spend with only yourself. Reach out for help if you need it, no one should have to struggle alone.

5. Spend time doing things you love.

If you love riding your bike, make time for it. If you love watching movies, make time for it. Life is too short to spend it doing things you do not love. Take time to appreciate the world around you. Treat yourself with kindness.

I hope you've found these New Year's resolutions achievable, or at least found something to consider. Everyone deserves to do the things they love. Take care of yourself in 2017, you deserve it. You made it through 2016, look at how lucky you are.