Five Pros And Cons Of Taking Her Swimming On The First Date
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Five Pros And Cons Of Taking Her Swimming On The First Date

Girls' perspective on taking her swimming on the first date.

Five Pros And Cons Of Taking Her Swimming On The First Date

Taking a girl swimming on the first date has been sort of a trend lately. Wearing a decent amount of makeup has also been more popular recently. Boys seem to be worried about what a girl naturally looks like. By taking her swimming on the first date, boys hope to accomplish their unspoken goal of seeing her face beneath the makeup. Sure, makeup does amazing things, but is it really a game changer? What are the real pros and cons of taking a girl swimming on the first date? I took to Facebook to help me identify some of these and asked my active friends to share their views. The following pros and cons are a compilation of my opinions, as well as some of the thoughts shared on the subject by my Facebook friends.

To shed some light on the subject before we dive in, taking her swimming on the first date is an idea that has been circulating on Twitter and other social media channels. The thought behind the trend encourages men to propose this date in order to see a girl's natural look, without makeup. Some people have made claims that makeup can completely change how a girl looks and, somehow, they feel tricked by it. Instead of getting to know the girl first, this new solution allows a man to mislead the girl into going swimming as a sort of date, then the young man can decide after her makeup has come off if her natural look is enticing enough for a real date. Now that you are up to date on what the trend is, let's get started.

While these pros and cons are mainly from the girls perspective, guys, this could also be beneficial to you when thinking about taking her swimming on the first date. Are you really in it to take her swimming, or have you fallen victim to the prejudice of needing to see a girl without makeup before a relationship is formed?


1. You can be natural.

You can take this as an opportunity to be confident and proud of your natural look. You don't need makeup to impress a guy. Of course you can enjoy wearing makeup, there is nothing wrong with that. However, it shouldn't be at the expense of your self-consciousness about what you look like without it.

2. You both might actually enjoy swimming.

Instead of chalking the date up to a major reveal. You both might actually like swimming with each other. That could be a fun date under the correct circumstances.

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3. Makeup companies make more money.

Do you know how many girls would buy that makeup? Like come on! Girls who love makeup can try out the new waterproof products.

4. You can counter the trend by posting a before and after pic.

Many girls, possibly like you, have taken to Twitter to show those sorry boys that it doesn't matter, swimming or not. Either you are comfortable enough to let your natural beauty show or you are confident enough in your makeup skills that you know it's not going anywhere.

5. Girl, you found out he's too shallow and dodged a bullet.

If you love your makeup and he's taking you swimming on the first date, girl, tell that boy bye and run away. He's not into you enough if he has to see what you look like without that makeup.

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1. You're completely uncomfortable.

Not only have you just met this boy, but he asks you to be almost naked physically, in a bathing suit and without makeup. Figuratively, everything you are self conscious about is out for him to see. A Facebook friend added, "I know many women who absolutely will not leave the house without some sort of makeup, it's just as important as clothes to them." (Connery Baltz, Alum of Wellspring School of Allied Health)

2. You figure out the guy you're talking to is shallow.

This one is both a pro and a con. You can see that he's shallow, which saves you time and a possible heartbreak, but it is also disappointing. You might have really been into this guy and you find out he's a little on the shallow side. Bummer.

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3. Your makeup bails under the pressure.

After baking, setting and getting your winged liner perfectly even on both sides, you jump into the pool and it all turns to dust. Like, seriously?

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4. His plan doesn't work.

Now that you are basically your own personal makeup artist, you know how to prime and set your makeup so that it doesn't budge. You can dive right in and, bam, you've proven that you're way too smart for his games. His plan to see you naturally is foiled.

5. Being without makeup is intimate.

Tana from William Jewell College, Alicia from Summit Tech and Connery as mentioned above all agree, for some women, being without makeup is the equivalent of being naked. If you are one of those women, you would never let someone see you without it on the first date. This could be a vibe killer and it could also make you feel embarrassed or uncomfortable. This discomfort could overshadow a natural connection between the two of you. He should wait to see you without makeup when you are ready to be intimate, not before.

I hope you take this into consideration when you encounter a post about taking her swimming on the first date. These ideas may also help you decide if this type of date is for you.

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