5 Positive Things A Clinton Supporter Can Say About Trump
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5 Positive Things A Clinton Supporter Can Say About Trump

I'm making a conscious decision to support our newest Commander-In-Chief

5 Positive Things A Clinton Supporter Can Say About Trump

Donald J. Trump won the election. I, Caroline Gregory, voted for Hillary Clinton. Why I did is no longer relevant, although I still stand by my choice. If I’m being completely transparent, I’m disappointed. I feel that my other voting friends and family let me down, that they let our country down. But I also believe in a higher power, the power of Jesus Christ. I believe that over all the riots, trumpeting media, and emotional testimonies that He has a purpose for placing Trump in the Oval Office. That being said, I will always choose to support Trump through prayer and obedience. Here are 5 positive things I can say about our new president:

  1. He is a businessman. Let’s face it, our country’s financial system is in disarray (Sorry, Alexander.) I have hope that with someone so business minded and undeniably successful in his endeavors, he will make wise choices with the House of Representatives on how our country’s money will be spent.
  2. He is resilient. Anyone who has watched Trump throughout the election process knows that he is persistent and firm in his beliefs, nearly to the point of offensiveness. In addition, Trump has faced bankruptcies six times. In light of this, he continues to change and improve his businesses to ensure he stays on top of the game and doesn’t make the number seven. Our country is in need of a leader who will push for our best interests. I believe that Trump can fill this spot.
  3. He loves America. Our president needs to be someone who loves American. Although Hilary Clinton undoubtedly loves our country, Trump is well known for his patriotism with his catchphrase “Make America Great Again”. He speaks of America publically in a way that shows his obvious love for our home country, and I believe that his strong love for the USA will make an impression on other countries we have relations with.
  4. He has fresh eyes for our political system. This has been an internal debate within me, wondering if Trump having no political experience is a good or bad thing. I have come to the conclusion it could be a positive thing as long as he makes wise choices in office. I believe that Trump will give fresh perspective to influential politicians that haven’t had a chance to remove themselves from situations to make the best choices. Bringing in a leader who has watched as an outsider online will be valuable to give more depth to decisions.
  5. He was the underdog that beat the odds. Nearly all the statistics pointed towards Clinton as the winner of the election, until the very last second. Trump beat all the odds, overcame states that were assumed to be Democratic, and walked away as the President of the United States. This is the biggest sign to me that God has a plan for placing Trump in office. Because I believe in God’s overall plan, I will pray for wisdom to be given to him, for our nation to be united under his control, and for him to do what is right according to the Constitution.

Although I initially did not support Donald J. Trump, and still stand by the vote that I rightly exercised, he is the leader our nation has placed in office and I will choose to respect him. For the first time ever, I am choosing to say, “Make America Great Again, Donald J. Trump.”

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