5 Positive Stories You Probably Didn't Hear in the News

5 Positive Stories You Probably Didn't Hear in the News

When times are tough, we need to remember the positive.

The past few weeks in the news have been especially dark and somber. With everything going on in the world, it may seem like only bad things are happening. Sometimes you need a reminder that good things are also happening amidst all the bad ones, so here are a few positive things that happened this past week.

1. Brocktoberfest

Seven-year-old, Brock Hardwick, was recently diagnosed with a rare spine and brain cancer. Because Halloween is his favorite holiday, his mother came up with Brocktoberfest where Halloween is celebrated every day of October. Brock has so far received 1,000 Halloween cards and care packages from strangers to brighten his journey.

2. "Housing Our Heroes"

San Diego recently accomplished its goal of finding housing for 1,000 homeless veterans. The "Housing Our Heroes" initiative is now expanding to help non-veterans also find rental housing.

3. Pay it Forward

An anonymous customer offered to pay for the next fifty-nine customers at a local diner in Maine; one meal for every life lost in the Las Vegas shooting. He left his credit card number with the diner and was charged for the fifty-nine customers after him in order to spread goodwill and remind others that we need to help each other.

4. NFL Rookie Helps Harvey Victims

Deshaun Watson, a rookie quarterback gave his first NFL check to three women affected by Hurricane Harvey. The three women worked in the team cafeteria and Watson knew they needed help, so he distributed approximately $27,353 to the three women.

5. Malala Goes to College

Nearly five years after Malala Yousafzai was shot in the head for going to school, she begins her career at Oxford University.

While there is a lot of violence and negativity in the world, it is also important to remember that there is good and positivity in the world. The good in the world always will prevail over the bad.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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As A Georgia Northview High School Student, I Feared For Our Lives When A Shooter Threatened To Attack

On Feb. 16, Georgia's Northview High School was the victim of shooter threat, and I was witness to every event that unfolded that day.

It was Friday, February 16, 2018. It was supposed to be a normal day full of normal classes. But it took me until fourth period to figure out what was making everyone so tense. A gun threat addressed to Northview High School students said, "Don't come to school tomorrow. @northview." For me, that was when the smallest bit of fear first kicked in.

A student showed the administration the snap, and they had been working since morning to figure out who had posted it. But they did not tell the student body what was happening. People came to the conclusion that someone attending our school had done this, but I couldn't believe any peer of mine had the ability to do something so inhumane.

I had just finished taking a test when my teacher told us to be careful and to tell our friends to do the same. What my teacher said didn't make complete sense to me, but after the bell rang and I went to lunch, I passed it onto my friends. We shook it off because we figured that it would be insignificant in the future. Life carried on as if nothing had taken place.

Then it happened. The same way it happened in Florida. The fire alarm was pulled.

And I just remember the teachers telling us to go out. I remember fearing for my life. I remember everyone running and stepping on one another and people crying and calling their parents as if it was their last day alive. I know my friends and I were scared, but we had a bit of hope that nothing would happen, even though we knew that this fire was not a drill.

After about 40 minutes we were told to go back inside, and as we did, I saw people still calling their parents just to hear their voices. When we got inside, there still wasn't any news from our intercoms like there usually was, so that small fear at the in the pit of my stomach increased a little more.

Another 30 minutes or so later, the bell rang, indicating it was time to go to class. So everyone got up uneasily and left the cafeteria.

Fifth period finally came around, and to everyone's relief, our principal made the announcement that we were the not Northview High School the threat was for. It was to the Northview High School in Dothan, Alabama. However, even with this knowledge, people were still extremely anxious. With over half of our student body gone, everyone was feeling uneasy. Parents called and texted their children to either pick them up or just to make sure they were OK. The halls were quiet when moving from class to class. It was scary to even walk in the hallways alone.

We were very fortunate that no one was injured that day, but this was a deeply traumatic event for me as a high school student.

After all that has happened to me today and the fact that there have been 18 school shootings like this in 2018 alone so far, I can firmly say that gun control really needs to happen, and it needs to happen with force. It's unfair that so many students are suffering just because of some people who enjoy striking this kind of fear in others.

We are supposed to be the future, but how are we supposed to do that if we do not get to have a future?

To help make stricter gun control laws possible, contact your local Congressman or Congresswoman. For Georgia residents, click here to contact your Senators and here for your representatives or use this website to call the offices. The more coverage this topic receives, the more likely it will be that schools can feel safe once again.

Cover Image Credit: Unsplash / Maranatha Pizarras

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A Literal Nazi Is Running Unopposed In Illinois

How did we not learn from the election of Donald Trump?

It is 2018. Less than two years after the election of a man who has bragged about committing sexual assault, claiming an entire country of people are rapists and criminals, among other horrors.

If you thought that Donald Trump was the worst kind of human being that Republicans could produce with a Republican-dominated House, Senate and Oval Office, you were dead wrong.

In Illinois' Third Congressional District, a Holocaust denier by the name of Arthur Jones is running unopposed for the House seat. He is the Republican candidate, and according to some reports, the Republican party has admitted that the man is a "reformed" Nazi. His political website claims the Holocaust is nothing more than "an international extortion racket." He also used to be a leader of his local KKK chapter. Jesus Christ. You have to be kidding me.

To make matters worse (bet you didn't think it could get any worse), Illinois' Third Congressional District includes part of Chicago and its southwestern suburbs and has been a historically Democratic stronghold. The Illinois Republican Party released a statement saying it was difficult to find anyone to run against Jones because it is such a Democratic stronghold.

The Illinois Republican party statement continued to say that, “The Illinois Republican Party and our country have no place for Nazis like Arthur Jones. We strongly oppose his racist views and his candidacy for any public office, including the Third Congressional District.”

Few other than Jones himself believe he will win in the general this November. But that's sort of not at all the point. The point being here is that the Republican party was unable to find ANYONE else to run against this man for the Republican nomination, a man who, besides being a quite literal Nazi, is a racist, homophobic, xenophobic bigot whose views nearly mirror Trump's.

Did the Republicans learn nothing from the election of Donald Trump?

That's where I struggle with this "breaking news." How can you become so complacent to allow this man space to spew his hateful views, rather than step up to the plate to be the moderate this country desperately needs? How can you allow your party to nominate this man when you yourself have said he doesn't align with your views, nor the views of the Third Congressional District?

And here's the damn kicker. How can you claim that he doesn't support your views as a party when the nominee of your party has the same thoughts, the same "opinions" (if you can call them that)? If the Republican Party wasn't full of self-righteous contradictions before, they certainly do now.

The Republican Party is going up in flames, and I say let them burn.

Cover Image Credit: Pexels

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