5 Positive Outcomes Of Writing
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5 Positive Outcomes Of Writing

Write. It makes you feel better!

5 Positive Outcomes Of Writing
Jo Alberts

In the past few weeks, I've discovered what the lack of writing does to people.. Well to me at least. I thought that not writing for a few days would help me mellow out... WRONG! I thought that not writing would help me forget things I wanted to rid my mind of... WRONG! I also thought that not writing would help me come up with a really good idea to actually write about... DING DING DING! We have a winner! Here are five things I've discovered in these missing weeks in regard to the positive outcomes of writing.

1. You cannot bottle everything up.

If you're anything like me, you bottle absolutely everything up. I find it extremely difficult to talk to and open up to people. Everyone I've ever trusted has left me somehow. So where does that leave me? Exactly, with no one to talk to. So how does writing help? Writing is the perfect way to express thoughts and feelings you simply cannot contain any longer. There has been so much in the past few weeks that I've just had to swallow and get over because I wasn't writing. Not even hand writing in my journals. (I hid those from myself.) I learned that there are so many more ways to express those thoughts and feelings when in writing. Which leads me to my next point...

2. It allows your creativity to blossom!

Yeah, you read me right. When you are writing about something, use those emotions connected to the entry, and paint a picture. When your audience begins to read your words, they too will paint an image in their own little way using the description (or lack of) to envision things how you feel them. Your audience will be sucked in to a completely new world, one created by a combination of your words and their imaginations. For you authors out there, writing is the perfect escape. I know that when I'm writing, I take my problem and create a story. I change the characters up, and add animation to it, and that's when I see my own magic at work.

3. Writing is MAGIC!

Believe me or not, I feel that writing is pure magic. You never know whose heart or life you're going to touch by your words. Writing is the possibility of opening new doors to new lands, opening closed minds to the true beauty of this world. Writing is the means of creating something blissful from something devastating.

4. If you're angry, tear it up!

Seriously. If you're writing about something you're mad about, and it makes you cry... Tear the page out of the book, and crumble it or tear it to shreds. (I promise, from experience) you'll feel a ton better! Burning it with a match works wonders too. Just be sure to flush the ashes!

5. Writing is the perfect way to preserve precious memories.

If something happens and you never want to forget it, WRITE IT DOWN! People's memories change over time, and you'll almost never remember something as exact as the day it happened! I promise you. I have things written from old relationships and memories with my grandmother... Things I would not remember if I hadn't written them down.

So if there's anything at all you take from this, please take note on how mentally important it is to write. It makes us feel better, remember things... It gives us an unimaginable outlet, and allows us to create the perfect escape. It allows us to find peace amidst all the turmoil, and homes away from home.

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