When it comes to pop culture brands and franchises, I'm admittedly a bit of a weird guy. More often than not, I find myself not hating the franchise, but rather its fans. This is because, for me, an obnoxious, unpleasant fanbase can easily rub me the wrong way. Heck, half the time I don't like fanbases for franchises and characters I'm a fan of. That is why we are going to look at five of the worst fanbases in all of pop culture:

5. New England Patriots Fans (Modern)

Let me elaborate on this entry being about "modern" Patriots fans. Regardless of how you feel about Tom Brady and Co.'s seemingly never-ending reign of terror over the N4.FL, you can't help but be the tiniest bit happy for the older fans that stuck with the team through its darkest pre-Brady years. Modern (i.e. younger) Patriots fans, on the other hand, are less sympathetic. Most of these fans don't remember a time without Tom Brady, and are spoiled rotten by the team's success. It doesn't help that they will rub said success in your face every chance they get, especially if you root for one of the league's less fortunate teams. Their loyalty will be tested when the team has to inevitably deal with life without Brady and Belichick.

4. Christopher Nolan Fans

Christopher Nolan is one of the best directors in the movie industry today. Too bad his fans almost make you want to see him fail. Often referred to as "Nolanites", fans of Christopher Nolan are some of the most obsessive fans you will ever see. Every movie Nolan releases is immediately one of the greatest movies of all time, in the eyes of Nolanites. The perfect example of this mindset comes in the form of IMDb's Top 250 Movies list. While most of Nolan's movies are ranked absurdly high, the worst is The Dark Knight being ranked 4th. Basically, if the user-driven list is to be believed, the movie is better than every other film in history except for the first two Godfather movies and Shawshank Redemption. I love Heath Ledger's Joker, but no. Just. No.

3. Batman Fans

Speaking of Batman, one of his most appealing features is that he just a regular dude (with billions of dollars) who holds his own in a world of gods. It is that aspect which makes him interesting than some one like Superman. However, seeing how Batman fans view their hero, it seems that they view him in a Superman-esque light. Many Batman fans are under the belief that their hero is practically unbeatable. If you ask Batman fans, he would be able to defeat every military in the world blindfolded, crippled, and with both hands tied behind his back. Every time so one suggests that another comic book character can be beat him, Batman fans go crazy. Someone call the Bat-Whambulance .

2. Punisher Fans (Concept Wise)

This entry is a bit of weird one. It's not as much about the fans of the character, but rather the concept of the character. You ever notice those pickup trucks with Punisher decals on them? The people who own these cars aren't really fans of the Punisher, but rather the concept of him; the idea that any guy can pick up a gun and stop the bad guys. This is a dangerous mindset, and one that cannot work in real life. It should also be noted that the Punisher in the comics is a war veteran, so his style might not be applicable to everyone.

1. Star Wars Fans

Star Wars the most are Star Wars fans? It really seems as if most Star Wars fans are ready to hate every new movie that comes out. There hasn't been a Star Wars movie that was embraced by the fanbase at large since the original trilogy. Which begs the question: can you really call yourself a "fan" of something if you actually hate most of it?