5 Places To Get Cute Game Day Outfits That Are Totally IG-worthy

Football season has been going on for about a month now. While you might have come to college with some cute game-day pieces, you might have already exhausted all of your use out of them for this season. Now with two months left in football season, you might be looking for some additional places to buy game day apparel.

Over the last month, I will confess I have scoped out all of the game day clothing spots (meanwhile spending way too much money) so here are some of my favorite game day clothing stores.

1. The Copper Closet

I first discovered The Copper Closet this summer and I love it. Not only does the store have super cute trendy outfits but they also feature a wide assortment of game day outfits and "vintage" pieces. Besides the cute clothing options, The Copper Closet is always known for having a good deal going on. In Tallahassee, you can find The Copper Closet at the Governor's Square Mall.

2. The Greek Store

I recently discovered The Greek Store and I love it. Not only is this store great for those in greek life but it also has a great selection of game day pieces. I have not heard of any sales at The Greek Store but their prices are typical for college wear running anywhere from 20 to 30 dollars for a shirt.

3. Henri Girl

I have never been to Henri Girl but have heard lots of girls around campus talking about it for outfits and game day apparel. Henri Girl offers a lot of trendy pieces that could be easy to make a cute game day outfit. If you are interested in checking out Henri Girl you can find it on Madison Street.

4. Garnet and Gold

Garnet and Gold is a great place to go for all things game day and FSU. Unlike most of the other stores, Garnet and Gold offers more than just game day apparel. You can also find hats, work out clothes or face stickers. If you are really looking for a deal, Garnet and Gold has an outlet store that you might pass when you are leaving the stadium. There you are able to find a lot of spirit items at a discounted rate.

5. The FSU Bookstore

An obvious choice for game day apparel would be the FSU Bookstore. Most of the time the options the bookstore have tend to be simple but, if you are looking for a fun activity, I recommend shopping in the sale section. Shopping in the sale section lets you save some money since it all is discounted and then you can DIY. By doing this, you are able to save money and have a unique game-day shirt so you don't have to worry about matching anyone else in your group.

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